Better Profits with Fundraising Software

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Better Profits with Fundraising Software

Better Profits

Qtego’s patent-pending fundraising software is the one investment in your event that guarantees revenue for your organization. By streamlining your event, eliminating frustrations, lengthening bidding time, enabling at-home bidding for those who can’t attend, and increasing the energy and anticipation surrounding your event, Qtego makes a dramatic difference in your bid amounts and donations—before, during, and after the event.

And that’s only part of the story. Our enthusiastic event staff works hard to creatively inspire guests to bid and donate more—without being pushy. And with a highly reliable system in place plus additional trained volunteers, you’re freed up to spend more time with your donors, inspiring them with your message and encouraging greater involvement with your cause.

Make More Money

Our simple, easy-to-see mobile interface and website encourage guests to start bidding before they even arrive at your event.
If a donor has a conflict and can’t attend in person, he or she can still bid from any mobile phone or computer at any time until the auction closes.
With immediate, real-time check-out, Qtego fundraising software allows you to extend bidding time—thereby increasing bid amounts.
Our fundraising software allows you to increase exposure for your sponsors. Place logos on every screen, feature sponsors on the leaderboard, and grant after-event access to donors via text broadcast.
Building on scientific findings about how we respond to real-time alerts, Qtego fundraising software generates excitement and a buzz that makes your event more profitable AND more fun.

Lots More Money

Clients report higher profits than with paper auctions: 98%
Percentage of our clients that use Qtego again for subsequent events: 99%
Customer satisfaction makes guests more likely to donate in the future: 100%
Clients that see over 30% increase in profits: 90%

You’ve got to see this in action.

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“I appreciate all of your efforts and hard work throughout this entire process!! I have heard only compliments from not only board members, but also from guests and staff regarding how much our event had improved thanks to Qtego and how wonderful all of the Qtego staff was! I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts and look forward to working with you again in the future!”

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