Right-Sized Event Fundraising Solutions

Qtego works with clients to completely customize our event fundraising solutions to fit your event and clientele. No matter what your goals are for your event, or what challenges stand in your way, Qtego can customize a software and service package to help you meet them.

We’re using Qtego for a crowdfunding event, and the Dashboard is AMAZING! I love having everything on one main page. That’s priceless! If this is what we get for a simple text-to-donate event, I can’t wait to see how incredible the program is for our spring gala! 

Grant Writer, Non-Profit Organization

Using the latest research, technological advances, and our considerable experience, Qtego ensures that our fundraising event management software remains at the forefront of the industry. By customizing each of our event fundraising solutions, we make sure that you get the best possible value and return on your investment.

Having Qtego allows us to work with a smaller group of volunteers versus what it takes to conduct a pen and paper auction. We also keep seeing increasing amounts raised on our silent auction by opening it up a week prior to the event and promoting it through social media. 

Director of Advancement, School

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