Happier Guests

Ideally, your event captures the hearts and imaginations of your guests. But when they are stuck in a registration bottleneck, getting up to leave your presentation to check on an auction item, distracted by reams of paper item descriptions, or frustrated by long check-out lines, how can they catch your vision?

Across the board, guests—of all ages and backgrounds—love Qtego’s electronic bidding. It’s simple, it’s interactive, it’s entertaining, and—best of all—it’s fun! Our intuitive system uses the guest’s mobile phone to get them fired up to bid, and the interactive leader board keeps them engaged, increases sponsor exposure, and captivates your guests with your message. At the end of the night, guests leave relaxed, happy, and excited to be part of your mission.


Qtego’s electronic bidding system uses the guest’s own cell phone—any phone with texting will work—and expands the experience further for guests with smartphones. Convenient charging stations and individual concierge service for guests without phones make sure everyone stays involved and has a great time.


We’re all familiar with the surge of excitement we get from a text notification—and electronic bidding takes this scientifically proven phenomenon to an even higher level. Guests love the energy of following auctions in real-time, sharing with people around them, and seeing changes to the Fund-a-Need board throughout the event.


Everyone has fun at a Qtego electronic bidding event! By removing hassles and creating a fun, intuitive system, Qtego ensures that everyone at your event has a great time and leaves relaxed and delighted with the experience.

You’ve got to see this in action.

Our event was great! We had a great night and your staff was AMAZING! They were able to convince the few hesitant people to avid users. We will definitely be using your company next year for our event! Your staff were professional, helpful and encouraging. Without them we would not have had the success that we experienced! 

A Few of Our Happy Clients