“How to Get Great Sponsors for Your Events”

Traditional fundraising forms the backbone of non-profit support, and charity events often bring in more donors. But events can be costly, with up-front investments for a venue, catering, décor, entertainment, and software tools.

How do you budget for your charity event?

The investments you make in your event help determine your overall success. For example, mobile bidding consistently increases overall donations, and streamlined management increases attendance and engagement. To reach higher donation goals, consider expanding your charity event budget by enlisting event sponsors.

So, how do you get sponsors? 

Unlike your direct donors, businesses consider sponsorships part of their marketing budget. While your cause must resonate with the business, you’ll also need to satisfy particular business needs to get the sponsorship. To help you navigate those needs and equip you to get the best sponsors for your charity event, we put together an informative guide to walk you through the process.

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In “How to Get Great Sponsors for Your Events” you’ll learn:

What’s in our FREE sponsorship download?

  • How to find the best sponsors for your event
  • How to build a case statement for sponsors
  • How to explain your event to sponsors
  • How to use your data to engage potential sponsors
  • How to give sponsors tasteful visibility at your event

Sponsorships help your event pay for itself. Learn how to find great sponsors and secure their investment. Download your FREE copy of Qtego’s sponsorship guide today.