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“Take Your Event Outdoors: Fun, Flexible Ideas for Seamless Outdoor Fundraising Events

In the past, non-profits may have avoided outdoor fundraising events. Too hot, too cold, unpredictable weather…easier to hold the party indoors. Today’s organizations have better tools and much more experience in being creative with logistics!

Outdoor events are a huge opportunity.

Your donors and supporters are eager to gather, and the pace of life has become more casual and open to change. Now is the perfect time to expand your reach—and your profitability—with an outdoor fundraising event.

Get the tools and ideas you need to make your event a success.

The last thing you want is the same old theme, program, and hassle. Good news: your Qtego team has the technology, expertise, and big ideas you need to make your outdoor event your best fundraising event ever.

Outdoor Fundraising Events Guide - Qtego

Take Your Event Outdoors

What’s in our FREE outdoor events guide?

  • TEN fun, fresh event venues to consider
  • Unexpected twists on themes your guests will love
  • Tips on using Qtego tools in different ways to make your outdoor event easier
  • Options for outdoor check-in and check out
  • A quick and easy hack for outdoor guest management
  • How to use hybrid event features and tools to get even more out of your outdoor event

Qtego makes it easy to make the most of the great outdoors. Download our free resource guide to start planning today!