An Easy Process

Qtego makes running your fundraising event easier and more enjoyable from start to finish. We simplify event planning, registration, logistics, and check-out so you and your guests can really enjoy the event. Our passion is to equip you to reach your goals—from funding needs to retaining sponsors to inspiring donors. And our super easy-to-use silent auction bidding technology makes that possible.

Easy Logistics

Streamlined Process

Qtego’s silent auction bidding technology takes you off the paper and into the electronic age quickly, easily, and painlessly.

Simple Setup

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to import item descriptions and pictures. Less data entry makes everyone’s life easier!

Easy Registration and Check-out

Eliminating lines and bottlenecks makes happier guests. And happier guests make better donors!

Easy Interface


Qtego’s silent auction bidding technology works on any phone with texting. It turns out that 90% of event guests have smartphones—including increasingly savvy seniors—but even those without smartphones find the system easy and enjoyable to use.


Our enthusiastic event staff have iPads on hand to help guests who don’t text. This option is almost more fun for your best donors!


With optimal sizing, high-resolution graphics, multiple pictures per item, and a completely intuitive interface, checking auction progress is quick, easy, and fun!


Our silent auction bidding technology is the only system in the industry designed to deliver real-time, high-engagement performance throughout your event—worry-free.

You’ve got to see this in action.

Kudos to the entire Qtego team, you certainly have an incredible product and an even more incredible team of people selling, planning, and executing it. There is nothing I would’ve changed about the process! 

A Few of Our Happy Clients