Worry-free Events

You’ve been there: planning an auction event, dealing with papers and forms and tallies, lines and loss of momentum and no time to actually talk to your donors…

…or struggling with another software that limits pictures and descriptions, is clunky to use or—worst nightmare—completely goes down in the middle of the event.

Enter Qtego mobile bidding. Silent auction events just became your favorite thing. With rock-solid technology, helpful concierge staff, and streamlined uploading, check-in, and check-out procedures, Qtego changes the game. Now, instead of the stress and headaches of pulling off a successful event, you can relax and enjoy the evening. Spend time with your guests and sponsors, advancing your cause and building relationships—thanks to Qtego’s revolutionary mobile bidding silent auction technology.

Don’t Worry


We invented mobile bidding silent auction technology, and we back it up with superior systems and service every step of the way.


Qtego’s simple, user-friendly interface makes the event easier for you and your guests. Our mobile bidding silent auction system works on any mobile phone that has texting. No apps or downloads required.


Absolutely no one can get a text to your guests faster. Our revolutionary technology keeps guests engaged and drives up the excitement—and the bidding amounts—while ensuring guests have more fun.


We built Qtego’s industry-leading mobile bidding silent auction technology for seamless system uptime. Thanks to years of experience in telecommunications technology, frustrating hiccups and outages are a thing of the past.

Be Happy


We get to know your organization, your goals, your venue, and your event so we can solve problems before they start.


We streamline registration, check-in, the actual auction, and check-out. You won’t believe the difference between your old paper-based system and Qtego’s mobile bidding silent auction technology.


Our enthusiastic staff frees you up to enjoy your event and interact with your sponsors and donors. At last, you can get unchained from that clipboard and do what you do best!


Our clients see amazing increases in revenue when they switch to Qtego. Higher excitement, more engagement, happier guests, and longer bidding times translate to greater gains for your organization. Qtego is absolutely the best way to fund a need.

Your team and company were FANTASTIC! I cannot say enough for the wonderful work that they did!! You know we are with you next year, but just go ahead and sign us up for the next 10!! 

You’ve got to see this in action.