Not sure what to do about your fundraising event during coronavirus?

Not sure what to do about your fundraising event during coronavirus?

Here’s How to Make the Shift to Virtual Fundraising Instead.

We’ve seen unprecedented changes in our social and economic fabric due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many of these developments have hit non-profits hard, even as they face a surge in immediate needs. As our non-profit partners began to face the possibility of cancelling fundraising events, our team immediately mobilized to help them shift gears instead. While organizations can postpone or reschedule events as a start, most non-profits must change their fundraising strategies to incorporate new virtual tactics.

Qtego is helping non-profits make the shift to virtual fundraising with helpful resources and individual consultations. As always, our team stands with you with fail-safe technology and concierge service.

Create a Virtual Fundraising Strategy

How can you fundraise in spite of social distancing? Should you be changing, postponing, or cancelling a fundraising event? Qtego has resources to help you make the move to virtual fundraising in the coronavirus economy. Our team is your team during this critical time, with expert insight into which virtual fundraising options make the most sense for your unique organization, mission, and circumstances. Find the resources you need, or reach out for a one-on-one consultation with our experienced fundraising team.

Virtual Ticketing

Expand your reach with virtual ticketing. Make your livestream access exclusive, and expand your reach for in-person/livestream hybrid events. Qtego makes it quick and easy for guests to get tickets and single-use access codes–no hassle, downloads, or additional accounts needed! Use virtual tickets to avoid selling out events, or to work around geography, weather, space, or health concerns.

Online Auctions

Cancelling a fundraising event is painful for your bottom line, but with Qtego’s flexible platform, you have options. If you have to postpone or reschedule an in-person fundraising event, you can still host your auction through Qtego’s user-friendly platform. We make it easy to showcase your items, build engagement with your guest list, and raise more money—even without an in-person event. Online auctions can happen anywhere, in spite of social distancing, and they’re a great way to meet your fundraising goals and stay connected to your donors.

How About a Hybrid Event?

Social distancing at your venue? Need a rain option? Want to invite guests from out of town? Plan a hybrid event. Some guests attend in-person. Others watch and participate via Livestream. Qtego makes it seamless.

In-Person Events with Social Distancing

Use your Qtego tools for touchless registration, check-in, seating, auctions, and check-out. Get great tips for keeping your guests and staff safe while still enjoying the energy and excitement of an in-venue event.

Comprehensive Virtual Fundraising Events

Many organizations are already using social media to stay in touch with donors. But there are many more ways to use online platforms for fundraising! We’re working with non-profits around the country to make the switch. Our team