14 Reasons to Add Virtual Fundraising to Any Event

14 Reasons to Add Virtual Fundraising to Any Event

…and how to do it right.

The non-profit world staged an impressive pivot to virtual fundraising in 2020, and now we’re helping organizations use technology and best practices to incorporate virtual fundraising into a wide variety of events—in-person, completely virtual, and hybrids of the two options.

Many organizations find that by bringing some of their programming online, any event can reach more people. Whether it’s opening your auction to supporters out of town or making it possible for older or disabled supporters to participate, virtual fundraising gives your guests a better experience of connection—to each other and to your cause.

Qtego helps organizations of all types and sizes continue to innovate with virtual fundraising. Our helpful resources and individual consultations can get you started and, as always, our team stands with you with fail-safe technology and concierge service.

1. Create a virtual fundraising strategy.

How does virtual fundraising fit in with your organization’s goals? How would it work best with your donors and supporters? Qtego has resources to help you evaluate your options, with expert insight into which virtual fundraising options make the most sense for your unique organization, mission, and circumstances. Find the resources you need or reach out for a one-on-one consultation with our experienced fundraising team.

Qtego Livestream Virtual Ticketing

2. Try out virtual ticketing.

Expand your reach with virtual ticketing. Make your livestream access exclusive and expand your reach for in-person/livestream hybrid events. Qtego makes it quick and easy for guests to get tickets and single-use access codes—no hassle, downloads, or additional accounts needed! Use virtual tickets to avoid selling out events, or to work around geography, weather, space, or health concerns.

3. Learn how to host online auctions.

With Qtego’s flexible platform, you have more options than ever before for your online auction. If you have to postpone or reschedule an in-person fundraising event, want to avoid having to display items in a limited venue, or want to open your auction to a wider range of bidders, an online auction could be a great solution. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to showcase your items, build engagement with your guest list, and raise more money—with or without an in-person event. Online auctions can happen anywhere, and they’re a great way to meet your fundraising goals and stay connected to your donors.

Qtego Online Auctions Virtual Fundraising

4. Support your talent on stage and on camera.

Keeping an audience engaged takes practice, whether you’re running your event in-person, are fully virtual, or choose a hybrid style where some guests are at the venue and others watch from home. Qtego’s tools make it easy to stay in control of your event from on stage, on camera, or both. We’ve put together a page of resources specifically dedicated to your up-front personality. Share them with your auctioneer or emcee, or use them to help your staff plan, practice, and perform with success at your event.

5. How about a hybrid fundraising event?

Limited capacity at your venue? Need a rain option? Want to invite guests from out of town? Plan a hybrid fundraising event. Some guests attend in-person. Others watch and participate via livestream. Qtego makes it seamless.

6. Add touchless options to in-person events.

Keep your event moving along smoothly and keep guests healthy with touch-free features. Use your Qtego tools for touchless registration, check-in, seating, auctions, and check-out. Get great tips for keeping your guests and staff safe while still enjoying the energy and excitement of an in-venue fundraising event.

Qtego Donor Cultivation Cancelling a Fundraising Event
Qtego Virtual Fundraising Event Best Practices

7. Get best practices for virtual fundraising.

Many organizations already use social media to stay in touch with donors. But have you considered using your social media platforms for fundraising? Find information about all of the unique and effective ways organizations around the country are using virtual fundraising tools to boost their success.

8. Use virtual fundraising tools for donor cultivation.

Social media is a terrific way to interact with your supporters, but many platforms radically limit who sees your posts. To keep in touch with donors and supporters, non-profits are looking at multiple ways to handle donor cultivation virtually. Our team helps you get back to basics and reconstruct a donor cultivation program that works virtually. Qtego’s platform gives you multiple ways to amplify your message and increase your reach.

Qtego Donor Cultivation Cancelling a Fundraising Event
Qtego Virtual Fundraising Fund-a-Need Services

9. Make an immediate connection.

Many people want to help non-profits but don’t know how. Non-profits are on the front lines to care for our communities and already have the infrastructure to deliver aid. Now, many are using virtual fundraising tools to connect donors to specific, critical needs. The same Qtego technology that makes in-person fund-a-needs so effective can also help you with virtual fundraising.

10. Get new sponsorships.

Rethinking sponsorships makes sense in today’s rapidly changing economy. Many businesses, like car dealerships and banks, are scrambling to get more online exposure—and your organization is taking fundraising online. Digital sponsorships are win-win relationships for businesses and non-profits. Qtego gives you more options for sponsor visibility before, during, and after virtual fundraising events. Our team can help you shift your sponsorship strategy to make it more effective than ever before.

Rethinking Sponsorships for Virtual Fundraising
Qtego Virtual Fundraising Event Best Practices Cancelling a Fundraising Event

11. Put all of your virtual fundraising on one homepage.

A virtual fundraising homepage collects all of your efforts in one interactive, professionally designed page. Qtego makes it easy to quickly add or change video, photo, and other elements for a clear overview of everything your organization is doing to raise money. Include online auctions, donations, immediate needs, sponsorships, and more. Simplify your presentation so donors know exactly why, when, and how to give to your organization’s virtual fundraising campaigns.

12. Integrate a livestream fundraising video.

Bring the best of your in-person events to your virtual fundraising, too. Qtego makes it easy to embed a livestream video on your virtual fundraising homepage, so guests can watch speakers, live auctions, games, and other programming from the same page they use to bid, donate, and interact throughout your event. Use the platform of your choice to immerse guests in your event, connect them to your cause, and elevate your virtual fundraising to a whole new level..

Qtego Livestream Virtual Fundraising Event
Qtego Virtual Fundraising Chat Feature

13. Engage your guests with integrated chat.

With Qtego, virtual fundraising events don’t have to be passive. Our integrated chat feature lets guests interact—with you, with event hosts, and with each other—in real time. Use Qtego Chat to ask questions, play games, and give prizes during your event. Guests love to stay active and experience the event with other people, and you’ll love the added opportunity for personal connections to strengthen your donor cultivation efforts. Keep guests involved in your event from start to finish with Qtego Chat.

14. Get the support you need to move into virtual fundraising.

In addition to our virtual fundraising resources, our team is always available for personal consultation. We’re known for concierge service, and that reputation extends to virtual service as well.

As your fundraising needs shift, we’re still on your team. From brainstorming to troubleshooting to virtual event service, Qtego is here to help. Give us a call, send us a message, or get immediate help as needs and requirements change.