Want to reach new people with your message and expand your donor base? A text-to-donate campaign makes giving simple and engaging—enhancing your exposure and broadening your audience.

Your Target Audience Already Loves to Text

Donations rise when people are comfortable with the technology it takes to give, and when that technology makes giving easy. Did you know that as far back as 2014, the vast majority of younger and middle-aged American adults preferred texting to any other means of communication? Older Americans continue to adopt texting in record numbers as well.

What does this mean for your text-to-donate campaign? Your target audience already understands the technology involved in text donations, and views it as fast and easy. Text-to-donate campaigns lower the barrier of entry for giving—making these efforts particularly effective at widening your donor base.

Reach New Donors with Unique Text-to-Donate Campaigns

It’s easy to add text donations to an event by having your MC mention the opportunity, sending brief text reminders to registered guests, or adding the text-to-donate instructions to your media screen. But with text-to-donate, you can also untether your donations from traditional events. Using unique media placement for text donations—such as displaying a text donation call to action on a Jumbotron or billboard, or mentioning it in an audio or television spot—any ball game, music streaming service, or street corner can be your next big win. Your text-to-donate ad or display raises awareness for your organization, while providing a simple call to action—just text a keyword to a short number to give. You capture a new audience and new donors, and raise your profile in the community.

Text-to-donate opportunities are also easy to share on social media. Your existing donors can share your link and code with their own networks—expanding your visibility even further and potentially driving text donations even higher.

Text-to-Donate Campaigns Drive Results

Whether you choose a single ad placement or a series of reminders with a custom-designed results tracker, text-to-donate campaigns get people engaged with your cause. A higher volume of giving across a broader cross-section of donors delivers an impressive ROI for text donations. Both direct results and the addition of new donors invested in your cause make text-to-donate campaigns a great addition to your fundraising program.

How Text-to-Donate Works

Deepen Donor Connections

Qtego customizes your link page with your colors, logo—even a video—to reinforce your organization’s identity and mission.

The easy text-to-donate process inspires repeat engagement both at events and with unique media placements.

Giving—particularly in an unexpected or unusual format such as text donation—enhances each donor’s self-identity as a philanthropist, and inspires or deepens his or her connection to your cause.

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