According to national polls, most Americans text on a regular basis, and they also say they prefer texting to other types of communication.

What does texting have to do with fundraising? More than you might think. Adding text-to-donate features to your fundraising plan expands your reach, increases your engagement, and improves your profits.

Text-to-Donate Makes It Easier to Give.

Lower the barriers to giving by setting up a simple text donation program. Texting is easy for your donors, and keeps your cause front of mind. With a few quick clicks, your donors can give to your organization anywhere, any time. Text-to-donate programs make giving faster and easier than ever before.

How Text-to-Donate Works.

Qtego helps you set up a text number and keyword, which is tied to a website page. For example, you might decide to use the keyword HELLO and the number 12345. Simply let your donors know to “text HELLO to 12345” to donate. Your donor texts the keyword to the number and is taken to a website page, where he or she enters payment information and the donation amount. Data entry is secure, but streamlined to make it easy to give from a mobile device.

Text Donations Work With Events Or Stand Alone.

It’s easy to integrate Qtego text donations into your event if you choose. With text-to-donate, guests easily make donations right from their phones, without having to get up, sign up, or hold up their conversations.

And you don’t need a gala to use text donations. This handy feature works just as well as a stand-alone service.

We’ve had customers use text-to-donate instructions in all sorts of creative ways:

On billboards.

In magazine ads.

On Jumbotrons at sports events.

As the call to action in emailed annual giving campaigns.

Any time you communicate with your donor base—or reach new eyes with advertising—adding a text donation option increases your reach and your donations.

Text-to-Donate Simplifies Your Calls to Action.

If you use any type of advertising, print media, or email lists, you’ll love text-to-donate. Use your text-to-donate feature to simplify the call to action in any format. A text donation call to action is short and sweet. For example: “Text HELLO to 12345.”

Our customers find that a text donation call to action yields better results than listing a website. Texting is quicker and more immediate for most adults, and increases the number of people who take action on your appeal.

Text Donations Are Easy to Share.

Text-to-donate options are also easy to share on social media. Make your donors part of your team. People who already care deeply about your cause make the best messengers—expanding your visibility throughout their online networks. Before or after they give their own text donations, your donors can easily share your text-to-donate link and code right from their phones.

With or without a planned event, text-to-donate campaigns provide today’s donors with a faster, easier way to give.

Ready to get better results with text donations?
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