Welcome to the future of auction fundraising. Qtego’s new Dashboard combines everything you need to keep track of your event into one simple page. With your new Dashboard, auction fundraising is easier than ever before.

Meet the Qtego Dashboard. 

We created a centralized platform for your custom fundraising solution. Whether you’re using it for a full-blown gala, a crowdfunding campaign, or anything in between, the Dashboard streamlines and simplifies your event—from planning to execution to reporting. 

Auction Fundraising At Your Fingertips. 

The Dashboard is clear, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Quickly find information you need, manage inventory, check your progress and data at a glance, and generate reports all from one central location. Use the Dashboard from your desktop computer, or access it from your tablet or mobile phone. Even in the middle of your event, you can quickly and easily get an overview of progress and make changes—putting you in control of your data like never before. 

Integrated Solutions To Boost Any Auction Fundraising Event. 

Your Dashboard contains three key components common to all of our customers. These functions are the baseline tools that help you manage your event and make it more profitable. You’ll have access to the tools you select for your customized package at any time, so you can stay agile and effective no matter what comes up—even during the event itself.

QView for Auction Fundraising

Put event management in your pocket with this handy visual overview of event totals. Access the mobile-friendly QView screen any time, anywhere, so you can keep tabs on your progress even as your event is underway.

  • Remote oversight
    Find out how lines at check-in are going without having to run back and forth.
  • Easy monitoring
    Keep track of totals in real-time and on one page.
  • Management insight
    At-a-glance updates with bright, colorful charts highlighting each component of your event.
  • Strategic planning
    Moment-by-moment tracking of top bidders, so you can focus your time on your biggest donors.
QView for Auction Fundraising

Our totally flexible inventory function helps you take total control of your auction. We make it incredibly easy to import data and descriptions from past auctions to save time, group items together for maximum impact, and make changes to your items at any time.

  • Input any time When items come in—early or late—add the information you have, and update as time allows.
  • Import past items Get some the same auction items every year? It’s easy to add past descriptions.
  • Simple packaging Easily group items, add a last-minute donation to a package, and update listings with our streamlined editing tool.
  • Easy oversight Check which items are active, and which are still in process with our at-a-glance overview.
QView for Auction Fundraising

Once your event is over, we make it easy to showcase your results. With just a few clicks, your final reports now feature more visuals and graphics. Our executive reporting function is an easy and effective way to present your success to executives, board members, and other key stakeholders.

  • Choose your highlights Select from ticket sales, payment reports, bidding, guest activity, event component breakdowns, and more.
  • View colorful graphics Easy-to-read graphics with professional, colorful appeal add impact to your results.
  • Create a printable PDF Automatically package your highlights into a quick and easy, printable PDF ready to be handed out to your committee and board members.

No matter what type of auction fundraising you do—with events big or small—Qtego’s Dashboard can revolutionize your results. Save time, stress, and hassle with our easy-to-use, centralized event management solution. 

Set up a quick demo to see the Dashboard in action and find out how to get the most from this powerful tool.