Auction fundraising events are fast-paced. How is check-in going? Are there silent auction items without any bids? Which donors are most active? What is our grand total? Wouldn’t it be nice to glance at your phone and get a real-time, detailed picture of your event in progress?

We thought so, too. After doing thousands of events around the country over the past decade, our team knows the ins and outs of auction fundraising. We spend a lot of time listening to our customers and brainstorming ways to make your job easier. Qtego’s latest innovation—QView—makes it simpler than ever before to manage your event as it happens.

Meet QView: One Screen Auction Fundraising Oversight

Included in your Qtego package, QView is the “quick view”—your pulse point for auction fundraising event management. From your tablet or even your phone, pull up QView for a real-time, moment-by-moment overview of key information. Arranged in a colorful, easy-to-skim format, you’ll see:

Guest Check-Ins – How is the line moving? Anticipate and handle issues before they start with QView remote monitoring.

Auction Activity – Which donors are most active? Use QView’s enhanced insight to help you spend your event time strategically.

Item Updates – Which items don’t have any bids? Highlight and feature low-activity items or activities in your programming with minute-by-minute understanding of how your auction and activities like Instabuy are going.

Donation Totals – How are different aspects of your event going? Get a big picture view of event progress with bright, colorful charts, so your staff and messaging stay on target throughout the event.

QView Puts Auction Fundraising Management In Your Pocket

With our easy, mobile-friendly interface, you’ll have the freedom to monitor your event and make decisions based on real data. Use the information to alter auction prices or let guests know about items that aren’t getting many bids. QView is a streamlined solution that helps make your job easier.

QView Makes Auction Fundraising Easier 

Each and every Qtego event—regardless of type or size—has access to QView. It’s a value-added feature available to all of our customers at no additional charge. Everyone who uses QView raves about the tool and how it’s making everything about event management so much simpler and more effective.

New to QView? 

If you haven’t used QView yet, you’re in for a treat! When you’re planning your next auction fundraising event, be sure to ask about QView. Your event coordinator can walk you through a quick and easy demo to help you get the most out of the information and visuals you’ll see on your screen.

Whether you’re planning a new event or already have one on the calendar, let’s talk about how QView can help you get better results. Sign up for a quick demo to find out how QView can maximize your results and minimize your event day stress.