As your auction items start to come in, the work begins. You need a way to organize, input, and package each item—and that can be a big job! When it comes to auction fundraising with Qtego, you’re always in the driver’s seat. Your dashboard gives you control to select the level of service you need—and you always retain total oversight and access.

New Inventory and Packaging System Expands Your Options

With Qtego, you’ve always had inventory management options: loading items into a template or on the dashboard. Now you have even more choice and control over your inventory management. Our new, streamlined Inventory and Packaging system makes your job easier with quick and easy tools that add flexibility and expand your auction fundraising options.

Auction Fundraising Inventory Handled Your Way

Our modern, intuitive Inventory and Packaging system gives you more options and flexibility so you save time and get better results. With Qtego, you have total control to manage your inventory in a way that makes sense for your event, your team, and your time.

Want to get started right away? As items come in, add the information you have to get started. Our super easy editing tool makes it a breeze to update, package, and make changes to any items at any time.

Want to use previous best sellers again? One great feature in our inventory and packaging manager is the ability to load prior inventory to save time. Lots of our customers find that the same items sell well over and over again, so we make it easy to plug those items in for a new event.

Want to group items together in one package? Many of our customers find that grouping items together—putting several smaller items into a basket, or selling like items together for more impact—generates more buzz and leads to higher bids. Qtego makes it easy to package items from your inventory together into one listing.

Want to make last-minute changes? If you get a last-minute donation, or have a great idea after you’ve already finished an item, that’s no problem. It’s easy to rearrange items, group them into packages, change the photo or item description, and edit to your heart’s content any time, right from your Qtego dashboard.

Qtego specializes in giving you options. Inventory and packaging is just the beginning. Want even more control over your time? Let’s talk about how to create a custom solution perfect for your next auction fundraising event. Sign up for a quick demo and get targeted insights you can put into practice right away.