Running low on silent auction ideas? Qtego’s point-of-purchase Instabuy system makes it easy.

Our clients are seeing great results with creatively themed wine buying opportunities. From quick and easy to large and elaborate, a wine pull adds an element of fun and suspense in addition to your silent auction. For each Instabuy a guest purchases, he or she gets another chance to pull a bottle. And the wider the range of type, quality, and value of the bottles, the greater the element of suspense and fun.

How to Make a Wine Pull Part of Your Silent Auction

Ideas for adding a wine pull to your event start with the bottles!

  • Using donated wine builds your profit margin, but purchasing some or all of your bottles can still pay off.
  • Your guests need a way to select a bottle without being able to see its contents or label. Plan to wrap the bottles, display only bottle necks, or assign unseen numbers to each bottle and make the pull for an unrelated object that also has that number.
  • Make sure guests know the high-value bottles are there—increasing their desire to buy an additional pull.

Creative Wine Pull Silent Auction Ideas

Ready to get started? Here are a few more tips to help you take your wine pull to the next level.

Qtego’s Instabuy system makes it easy to add a wine pull to any fundraiser or event. Make it a sidebar or the main activity. Either way, guests will love it and you’ll see a great return on your investment—both in wine pull sales and in happier guests. Happy guests give more and get more involved with your cause, so add an element of fun and surprise to your next event with a wine pull.

Get fresh fundraising and silent auction ideas and make 2018 your best fundraising year yet with Qtego. Get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll make it happen!