Perhaps paper-based fundraising has worked for your organization in the past, but, to be honest, it’s a major headache and you’re considering paper bidding alternatives for your next event. You’ve heard about auction technology but…many of your best donors are elderly. Would using auction technology alienate your core people?

How Action Technology Works

Qtego auction technology simplifies and enhances your auction from start to finish. Planning your event becomes easier as pre-registration is moved online, reminders are sent by text and email, and building excitement for your event begins long before the first guest arrives. At the event, you won’t need to worry about registration lines, guests forgetting to bid or missing the programming, or frustrating tallies and checkouts. All of the bottlenecks you know from paper auctions disappear with Qtego’s auction technology. When you don’t have to spend time shuffling paper, managing lines, and handling payment issues, you’re freed up to enjoy the event yourself!

Paper Bidding Alternatives That Get Results

Qtego is the paper bidding alternative that delivers happier guests and better results. When guests can register, view auction items, bid, checkout, and pay through a mobile app, text, or online, they are much, much happier and more excited about the event and your cause. Guests have a great time with auction technology, and are often inspired to give more because it’s easy and fun to keep participating. Qtego’s auction technology makes everything run more smoothly while also increasing donor engagement, giving, and satisfaction.

Accessible Auction Technology

When you partner with Qtego, you not only get a paper bidding alternative, you also get an enthusiastic concierge service team to supplement your event staff. Our team helps your whole event run more smoothly, but one of our main concerns is making sure that older guests can actively participate and have a great time. We bring simple touchscreen devices and often spend the whole evening with guests who don’t have cell phones or other internet-enabled devices, coaching them through the process and giving them the confidence to get in on the excitement. Our personable and patient staff can get anyone up to speed and having fun!

Is auction technology the paper bidding alternative that’s right for you? Give us a call and let us show you how Qtego’s simple, intuitive platform can make your fundraisers more fun, more exciting, and more profitable.