How can you break out of your usual non-profit auction results and dramatically increase participation and profits? Text bidding, mobile platforms, and smart auction website technology revolutionizes fundraising events. Sound too good to be true? After years of boosting non-profit auctions, we can vouch for the results. Here’s why text bidding and smart auction technology takes you to the next level:

Text Bidding Is Fun.

Cell phones. We all have them, and to tell the truth, most of us are a little addicted to them. There’s a reason for that—mobile technology is designed to be fun and intuitive, with consistent little happiness boosts along the way. Qtego’s text bidding process works the same way. We combine simple platforms with the fun of mobile integration to make sure guests have a great time. And happier guests become more connected to your cause and more generous donors over time.

Text Bidding Is Easy.

Non-profit auctions often rely on paper bidding. People don’t want to miss the entertainment to go check their bid, they get restless in long registration lines, and let’s not even get started on bottlenecks at checkout. Text bidding and integrated websites, on the other hand, are easy! Guests register, bid, re-bid, donate, bid again, check progress, have fun, keep bidding, check out, and pay on one simple mobile and online platform. Since it builds on behavior we already use everyday, text bidding makes giving easy and enjoyable.

Text Bidding Builds Engagement.

From registration to checkout, your guests interact with your organization again and again—using a customized mobile site, sending and receiving texts, and watching an integrated big screen track their success and involvement. Because it taps in to rewarding feelings and fun, text bidding keeps your guests happy and makes them more personally engaged with your cause—often resulting in even more long-term engagement after your event.

Text Bidding Works.

If your goal is to raise more money while increasing donor awareness and engagement, you can’t beat Qtego’s technology for non-profit auctions. Happier guests give more, and connecting guests by cell phone or tablet generates more auction activity, which also results in better profits.

Qtego pioneered the mobile bidding revolution, and we’ve seen amazing results for our non-profit partners. Give us a call to learn more, or set up a free demo to see how Qtego could take your non-profit auctions to the next level.