Fundraising event attendance and success often hinge on intriguing themes and activities. At Qtego, we attend hundreds of charity auction events every year, and we’re always blown away by the creativity organizations like yours show when putting events together. Using Qtego streamlines your logistics so you can free up more brainpower toward making your charity auction rock!

Charity Auction Themes Trends

Guests love a fun charity auction theme. Get your donors excited to attend your event by choosing a theme that gives them a chance to dress up, relive the past, or get outside their normal groove.

Diamonds & Denim
Give guests the option of dressing up or down.

The 1980s
Whether your guests were kids or yuppies in the ‘80s, they’ll love the chance to break out the puffy bangs and M.C. Hammer pants.

The Game of Life
Life-size game boards and interactive play bring back fun family memories and keep guests involved throughout the event.

Caesar Salad Competition
What’s more fun than creative toga costumes and intense cooking challenges?

Airport Hangar
How about hosting your event in an unusual venue like an airport hangar? Planes are the perfect décor for a travel theme.

Our main job is to make your job easier. We offer mobile bidding and friendly concierge service that makes your charity auction run more smoothly. With Qtego on your side, you can relax and enjoy the event—and cultivate your new donors—while we handle the auction logistics for you.

Need more inspiration for great charity auction themes? Your friendly Qtego team specializes in creative brainstorming. Give us a call and let’s get started to plan your best charity auction yet.