Enjoy a Worry-Free Fundraising Event

You’ve been there: planning a fundraising event; dealing with papers, forms, and tallies; facing long lines and loss of momentum and no time to actually talk to your donors…

…or struggling with another software that limits pictures and descriptions, is clunky to use, or—worst nightmare—completely goes down in the middle of the event.

Enter Qtego’s auction technology. Now, instead of the stress and headaches of pulling off a successful event, you can relax and enjoy the evening. Spend time with your guests and sponsors, advancing your cause and building relationships—thanks to Qtego’s revolutionary auction technology.

Auction Technology You Can Count On

From using advanced wireless tools (No wifi? No problem.) to keeping every facet of your fundraising event running smoothly, Qtego customers love our rock-solid auction technology. With Qtego, you never have to worry about losing data, losing connections, or losing bids and donations.

We did not encounter any wifi issues like we feared we would. Our gala was a rousing success thanks to your great team! 

Gala Chair, Private School

Streamline Event Check-In

Ideally, your event captures the hearts and imaginations of your guests. But when they’re stuck in a registration bottleneck, getting up to leave your presentation to check on an auction item, distracted by reams of paper item descriptions, or frustrated by long check-out lines, how can they catch your vision?

Before the event, my stress level was through the roof, but Qtego’s team were just rock stars. We had the smoothest registration and check-out I could imagine. I would not improve a thing. 

Director of Internal Operations, Hospital Foundation

At Qtego, we work hard to eliminate bottlenecks so your guests stay happy and have plenty of time to bid, donate, and interact with your cause. Qtego prompts guests to register for your fundraising event in advance using their mobile devices, so arrival is a quick walk rather than a long, frustrating line.

Simplify Guest Management

Across the board, guests—of all ages and backgrounds—love Qtego’s auction technology. It’s simple, it’s interactive, it’s entertaining, and—best of all—it’s fun! Our intuitive system uses the guest’s mobile phone to keep them engaged, increase sponsor exposure, and captivate your guests with your message. At the end of the night, guests leave relaxed and excited to be part of your mission.

Having Qtego staff on hand was a life saver. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and reminded me of the options we had throughout the evening—such as sending out texts to keep guests excited and in the action. 

Silent Auction Chair, Private School

Our auction technology makes your fundraising event much more enjoyable. From handling registration to assigning golf holes and tables, from promoting Instabuys to ensuring nearly instantaneous checkout, Qtego makes your life easier and your guests happier.

Make Your Silent Auction Sing

Take your silent auction from ordinary to extraordinary with Qtego’s auction technology and in-depth resources. Time and again, at fundraising events across the country of all types and sizes, what we’ve observed about effective silent auctions is merchandizing. The way you display and describe your auction items truly makes the difference between average returns and outstanding results.

Your software is fantastic. I was able to run it all, add items right up until the auction, and make things work all night. 

Auction Chair, Major Sporting Event Boosters

Start Raising Money Long Before the Event Begins

With Qtego’s advanced tools, your guests can register early and get first run access to your auction items—even placing bids! Better yet, supporters who can’t attend the actual event can still register through Qtego’s fundraising event software and place bids early or remotely during the event.

Qtego makes it easy to create customized item sheets that help to sell your silent auction items effectively. Once you’ve uploaded your items to Qtego, you can print the item sheets on special paper, add borders, include logos or photos, or brainstorm other unique ideas. Qtego saves you time so you can get creative with display. Have last-minute changes? With Qtego, that’s no problem. Simply update your item and print a new sheet— no need to change layout or recopy information by hand.

Get detailed advice and tips for effective auction item merchandizing.

Based on years of experience at fundraising events around the country, our team compiled a manual of best practices for setting up silent and live auctions for success.

Make Your Live Auction Unique

Qtego dramatically streamlines your live auction. Our team serves as spotters to help the auctioneer—it’s easy to see us in our bright orange shirts! When the auctioneer announces an item has sold, a Qtego rep tracks the winning bid. Then, when the winner is ready to go, he or she can pay via our convenient checkout.

We used [another company] last year and experienced some hiccups. This year was so much better with Qtego. Everyone commented how much better and easier it was. The auction bidding and checkout process was so smooth! 

Director of Development, Non-Profit Organization

Your live auction QSite, which guests receive as a link when they register, allows you to promote items in advance with no need for an extra program. Guests can preview items and get excited well before the event begins. When it comes to auctioning trips or other coveted items, QSite previews help guests plan in advance so they come prepared to bid—and desperate to win! For listings with more than one available item, Qtego easily replicates the item (splitting) for easier accounting.

QSite drives your silent auction, live auction, donations, and Instabuys.

Qtego gives you online bidding without a download. Your event’s custom QSite works with any internet-enabled device—including smartphones—so guests won’t need to get an app to participate.

QSite customization fits every event. We start with a personalized welcome message and branded colors and icons, and add in table numbers and bidder numbers, too, if you’re using them. Activate easy-to-navigate tabs for the silent auction, live auction, donations, Instabuys, voting, and no bid items. Tabs only appear if you’re running that type of activity, so you get a customized look for each event.

QSite’s clean, simple design makes it easy for guests to use. We designed QSite so guests don’t have to make many clicks to spend money. And it’s easy and fun to use throughout your event.

Guests Love Electronic Bidding

QLink is your flexible online platform for displaying auction items and allowing pre-event auction registration. Sort items by category, including available items, and items with no current bids (tempting guests to bid on these easy wins and helping you sell all of your items!). QLink features a high-impact, Pinterest-style feed, and integrates with social media platforms, so you and your guests can easily promote the auction—even to people who aren’t attending your fundraising event.

We had a lot of skeptics, but the feedback we received was all positive. Honestly, there is no way any of us are ever going back to paper bidding. 

Silent Auction Co-Chair, Public School

Both registered and unregistered viewers can see your items and bid amounts on QLink—even if they aren’t attending your event—encouraging more registrations as viewers get excited about your auction. Guests use your QLink to pre-register for bidding and to view your items before the auction. At the event, registered guests will bid through your QSite.

With Qtego’s mobile bidding, guests can:

  • See multiple photos—with responsive, boutique sizing—of each item.
  • Bid on multiple items.

  • Track bids with “My Activity” button.

  • Check bidding status with fun icons—a smiley face or frowning face showing whether they are the top bidder or not—inspiring them to raise their bids!

  • Find “no bid” items easily so they aren’t forgotten or overlooked.
  • Use keyword search if they can’t see or remember the item number.

  • Watch certain items and get notifications with the binocular icon.

  • Click into different activities.

Keep Guests Engaged with Competitive Voting

Use the Vote feature on your QSite to get guests donating in a fun and competitive way! We recommend setting each vote at $1, so guests can buy multiple votes to influence results. For example, a guest could place 20 votes for a total of $20.

You can set up multiple votes for the event, including ideas such as:

  • A “Dessert Dash” with the reward of first pick at the dessert table.
  • Voting for the best costume of the night.
  • Selecting the top performance at a talent show or cook-off.
  • Choosing the Best Beer on tap.
  • Suggesting nominees for Volunteer of the Year or other superlative prizes.

Create Custom, Big Screen Displays

Qtego helps you raise more donations with custom-designed animated shapes. Displayed on the big screen at your event, your custom animation fills in real time as guests give right from their mobile phones. Perfect for fund-a-need activities or to track overall success, custom displays build excitement and help tie guests to your cause.

Event Fundraising Software - Qtego Fundraising Services

The custom display was amazing. Our goal was to raise $25,000 and we filled that heart in five minutes flat! 

President, Non-Profit Organization

We also use your big screen to project a live feed for your auction and throughout your event. Called QZone, the feed updates in real time—far superior to PowerPoint! We customize QZone with your event colors and logo, so it reflects your organization’s branding and your event’s theme. Your QZone rotates through auction items—current bids, most recent bids, items with no bids, Instabuy items—displays custom messages, and gives a live feed to show updates and sponsorships. Qtego provides QZone set-up with AV and all the equipment you’ll need to hook into your big screen. We’ll make sure everything is integrated with your equipment, or whatever is provided at your venue.

Our venue didn’t have their AV guy there, but Qtego was SUPER helpful in getting things going. Your staff went way above and beyond, and it was a true pleasure to work with them. 

Auction Chair, Non-Profit Organization

Keep Track of the Big Picture

During your event, Qtego makes it easy to monitor how things are going and make data-driven decisions. With QView, you’ll get a streamlined, mobile-friendly interface that gives you instant access to information like guest check-in, auction activity, donation totals, and more.

The event went great; as usual, Qtego was fantastic! I really love the new QView. It made my life easy—so nice to be able to pull it up during the event to see where we were on totals! 

Special Events Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization

With QView, there’s no need to chase down staff, review print-outs, or make decisions in a vacuum in the midst of the programming. QView keeps you on top of your event, and free to enjoy it.