A fund-a-need auction is a great way to get your donors more engaged with your cause. Fundraising experts and non-profit staff members know that tracking progress toward a specific, measurable goal helps people feel connected to the need and inspired to give. But how can you make your event more of a success? Whether you’ve run dozens of events or this is your first one, Qtego can help you connect more deeply with your donors, inspire greater participation, and raise more money with your fund-a-need campaign.

Exciting Donation Ideas

Build your next fund-a-need auction around exciting and dynamic electronic auction technology from Qtego. Customized tools like your own online event site, donation goal meter, and mobile and text donation options make your fund-a-need auction more fun, more interactive, more compelling, and ultimately more successful. We help to simplify your event planning and also ensure that the event itself runs more smoothly.

Custom Fund-a-Need / Donation Crawlers

Your Most Successful Auction Ever

When you draw on Qtego’s electronic donation ideas, your guests become more engaged with your cause and have a terrific time with our interactive format. The visual impact of Qtego’s customized, dynamic graphics builds excitement and keeps guests actively participating as they enjoy themselves and witness donation progress in real-time on the big screen. In our experience, happier guests are more generous, too.

Fund-a-need Auctions That Serve Your Cause

With Qtego’s auction technology, your donors keep an ongoing, personal involvement with the fund-a-need campaign as it progresses. Each time the guest makes a donation, gets a text about event progress, or sees the fund-a-need meter rise in real-time, he or she becomes more connected to your cause. And our experience indicates that guests who participate in interactive events tend to be more involved with a cause long-term. The impact of your fund-a-need auction could extend far into the future—not only by raising more money, but also by deepening involvement with your donor base.

If you’re looking for great fund-a-need ideas, look no further than Qtego. Our customized technology creates better auctions from start to finish. Get in touch to find out how a unique donation campaign could look for your organization.