Whether you’ve been using paper bidding, or haven’t quite been sold on mobile bidding for silent auctions yet, Qtego’s results will make you a believer. Our easy to use, fail-safe technology works with your guests’ phones. Qtego mobile bidding uses the alerts and functionality they’re already familiar with, making the event more fun. And because Qtego mobile bidding works through cell phones and the internet, rather than a bidding app, you’ll get higher participation—and a lot less frustration!

Mobile bidding makes silent auctions more profitable and easier to manage regardless of the type or size of event you’re planning. With Qtego mobile bidding for silent auctions, you’ll have the peace of mind to enjoy your event, and the satisfaction of seeing happier guests and better results from start to finish.

Boost Profits with Mobile Bidding

For silent auctions, convenience equals profit. Qtego’s rock-solid reliability makes it easy for your guests to bid, and adds a fun, game-like quality to the event. Guests are more engaged, so they bid more often. In fact, paper bidding typically yields two bids per item, whereas mobile bidding for silent auctions averages three to four times more bids than paper.

And more bids yield higher returns. Across the country, for all types and sizes of events, we see customers get 30% higher profits when they switch from paper to mobile bidding for silent auctions.

Streamline Event Planning with Mobile Bidding

For silent auctions to work, you need a considerable amount of advance planning. Qtego takes the hassle out of managing guest lists, handling check-in and check-out, and taking payments. Our features help you streamline your event from planning through closing.

With Qtego’s mobile bidding packages, you get the fundraising features that make sense for your organization and event—custom packages that meet your needs. We’ll make guest management and event logistics simple. You’ll love the help, and your guests will appreciate that you don’t have any lines or bottlenecks before or after your event.

Start Making Money Right Away

When you add mobile bidding for silent auctions, you don’t just get a fun and convenient way to make more money at your event. You can start taking bids and donations right away! Qtego offers pre-bidding to help generate excitement for your auction in advance—and your customized QSite lets guests see your items, bid in advance, and even share their favorites on social media.

And you don’t need a gala to use text donations. This handy feature works just as well as a stand-alone service.

Get Bigger Impact From Smaller Events

Maybe you use mobile bidding for silent auctions at galas, but have you ever considered using it for smaller events? The same features that bring great results at your largest parties and fundraisers can also increase engagement, impact, and profits at more exclusive gatherings and smaller venues. Any event benefits from the fun, easy tools Qtego offers. We’re happy to customize packages that fit any budget and event size.

Want to learn more about mobile bidding for silent auctions? Let us know. We’re happy to help. Our team loves to brainstorm ideas and build custom packages that get our customers better results.