Big donors can make or break charity auctions, so it pays to cultivate your best givers. Honoring sponsors and top donors at your event encourages these important supporters toward even greater generosity—and gives you the opportunity to thank them for their valuable contributions.

Give the VIP Treatment Before and During the Event.

Charity auctions rely on donations and sponsorships in addition to auction results. Plan ahead to give VIP treatment to your best sponsors and largest donors.

  • VIP Cocktail Hour – Open the doors an hour early for an exclusive reception. Give your VIPs the chance to meet special guests and network in a smaller group.
  • VIP Tables – Seat your VIPs close to the front, decorate their tables more lavishly, and dismiss them first for food and dessert.
  • VIP Attention-Getters – Make your VIPs stand out with corsages, different colored wristbands, or eye-catching light-up pins or nametags.

Integrate VIP Recognition Into Your Charity Auctions.

Throughout your event, recognize sponsors and top donors for their support. For sponsors and donors with businesses, the attention helps them see return on their investment through the added exposure. For individual benefactors, personal recognition is a great way of saying thank you.

  • QZone Media Screen – Feature big donors and sponsor names and logos on your media screen throughout the night.
  • Event Signage – Add sponsor logos and names to signs and posters around the venue.
  • Emcee Call-Outs – Include sponsor and donor recognition in the program. Have the emcee do a short interview with the donor, or thank the sponsors by name during announcements.

Offer a VIP Concierge During the Event.

Give your VIPs the star treatment throughout your charity auctions. Enhancing their experience and making the event more fun and special is a great way to show your appreciation.

  • VIP Check-In – Eliminate wait time for VIPs with a dedicated check-in station and streamlined processing. We can flag VIPs in the notes section of your Guest Management screen to make celebrating top donors even easier.
  • Special Access – Give VIPs first access to the silent auction, dismiss them first for food and desserts, and offer a special meet and greet with celebrity guests.
  • Upgraded Swag – Include extra drink tickets, raffle tickets, and premium prizes in VIP goodie bags.

Qtego tools give you even more options for featuring sponsors and thanking top donors. When you’re planning charity auctions, Qtego can help you find creative ways to make your VIPs feel special.