Donors come to fundraisers ready to give. But how much they’ll bid for your silent auction items comes down to more than pure philanthropy. Qtego’s web-based platform gives your images outstanding visual impact—with custom sizing and more description options that get attention and inspire more bids.

Flexible Image Sizing

If you’ve tried to upload photos in another bidding platform, you might have gotten frustrated with the way your silent auction items appeared. Most auction interfaces require saving image files with specific constraints, and the results are often compressed into thumbnail sizing or skewed.

Qtego removes all of those restraints and makes uploading photos a breeze. Our web-based silent auction item listing pages allow flexible image sizing, so you can showcase items with more detail and visual impact. 

Silent Auction Items Images

Multiple Images Per Listing 

Your Qtego site also allows you to use up to five pictures for each listing. Display your silent auction items from multiple angles, or feature photos of an event venue if you’re auctioning an experience or vacation. Many organizations group multiple things in one basket or package for an auction—and Qtego lets you feature each bundled component in the photos.

Silent Auction Items Images - Pinterest Style

Boutique-Style Item Listings

Your guests are used to high-end online retail, and your auction site should match those expectations. Qtego uses boutique-style item listings to engage audiences used to high-quality images and descriptions. Our design gives an upscale feel with a Pinterest-type feed and more options for describing and sorting your silent auction items.

When it comes to online auctions, presentation matters. Choose the premium visual and layout options in Qtego’s internet-based format.

Which silent auction image would capture your attention and inspire you to bid more? Let’s talk about how Qtego can help you maximize your items to enhance guest experience and raise more money at your next fundraising event.