Fundraising Event Software That Prepares You for Success

Successful fundraising event planning begins long before the first guest checks in. Qtego’s fundraising event software is full of features to streamline your planning and preparation, and our friendly team members provide great resources to keep you on track and poised for success before your event.

Start with a Terrific Theme

Chances are, you’ll want to choose a theme for your event to set the stage for your other planning. The right theme connects with your donors, attracts new interest, inspires sponsors, and builds excitement leading up to your event. We work thousands of events every year, and our team loves to collect inspiration everywhere we go. If you’re not sure how to begin your fundraising event planning process, we’re happy to weigh in.

How Sponsors Can Take Your Event to the Next Level

Wondering how Qtego pays for itself? Our fundraising event software does a lot to boost visibility, registrations, donations, and bids, but it also helps you attract high-level sponsorships for your event. Customized sponsor links, logos, and placement throughout your online and mobile presence, as well as on big screens at your event, make all the difference as sponsors put a premium on visibility.

It’s Never Too Early to Collect Auction Items

Many fundraising events feature a silent or live auction. We’ve found these activities to be great profit-boosters, especially with the added fun of mobile bidding. But what should you include in your auction, and how can you get the most for the inventory you collect? We’ve collected best practices from organizations around the country, and we built our fundraising event software to support easier inventory management and presentation.

Start Raising Money Long Before the Event Begins

With Qtego’s advanced tools, your guests can register early and get first run access to your auction items—even placing bids! Better yet, supporters who can’t attend the actual event can still register through Qtego’s fundraising event software and place bids early or remotely during the event.

Streamline Setup with Qtego Fundraising Event Software

Qtego takes the headache out of fundraising event planning. From creating a customized event homepage—with plenty of space to feature your sponsors—to helping you manage advance ticket sales and registrations so your guests can bid early (and often!), Qtego’s fundraising event software makes preparation much easier to manage.

One of my favorite parts of working with Qtego is the ability to start bidding early! 

Auction Co-Chair, Religious Organization

Our uniquely tailored packages include:

  • A customized homepage for each event—making promotion and sharing simple
  • User-friendly pre-event registration—online or via mobile device

  • Online table assignments—quick and easy to use, and no-hassle over changes

  • Your customized Dashboard—a custom overview page including each tool and component related to your event

  • Our friendly AI helper, “Q”—amazingly detailed advice available 24/7 through your Dashboard