No matter what time of year you hold your charity auctions, galas, and fundraising events, getting the word out can be difficult. How can you promote your event and make your message heard in the flood of information and competing calendar events vying for your donors’ attention at every turn? Qtego can help.

Reach out.

You know how to send compelling invitations, but Qtego can help you take your communications up a notch. Our charity auctions come with personalized websites and options that add a fun, interactive aspect to your event. Why not email your list with your site link, or post pre-event challenges on your social media channels inviting guests to begin engaging with your Qtego site? Qtego augments traditional invitations by enabling your guests to begin participating long before the event—getting more information about fundraising goals, charity auctions, and your organization’s message—right away.

Give options.

Your donors are busy, and calendars fill up fast. With Qtego, even if a donor can’t attend your event in person, he or she can still enjoy the excitement of the charity auctions you host. We offer pre-event bidding, customized homepages, and a variety of giving options so that your entire list can contribute to your earnings, whether they attend the event in person or not.

Follow up.

Our team loves to deliver out-of-the-box solutions to help you exceed your goals. Using our event fundraising software, you can easily contact your guests after the event with a text message or your recorded message thanking them for their roles in making the event a success, and inviting them to become more involved and committed to your cause. Thanks to your fun pre-event options and the excitement of your charity auction or gala, you’ll build stronger relationships and keep your organization in the forefront of your donors’ minds long after the event is over.

Ready to make this your best year yet? Get in touch to find out how Qtego can take your charity auctions and events to the next level.