Paper. Paddles. Apps. There are lots of ways to run fundraising auctions. Which option is easiest to manage, most engaging for guests, and more profitable? Silent Auction Mobile bidding leads in every category. Qtego invented mobile bidding, and we’re still leading the way forward, with constantly evolving features and functionality to make it easier, more fun, and more effective to get your guests bidding, buying, and donating on their phones.

Whether they’re at your physical event in person, engaging via livestream, or checking in from across the country, your guests will love Qtego’s intuitive silent auction mobile bidding platform. We make it so easy—one click, one screen, one unified experience—with functionality familiar to anyone with a smart phone. Guests appreciate not having to juggle multiple logins, links, and devices to participate, and you’ll be surprised at the level of engagement you get thanks to Qtego.

Simply load your auction items and Qtego handles the rest. Our auction item feed uses actual photo sizes rather than thumbnail images for a boutique look, and guests scroll and click just like they would on Pinterest. Since guests register to bid when they register for your event, all they need to do is click to bid. Guests can easily share individual items or your entire auction on their social media pages, so you reach entire networks with the opportunity to participate.

We optimize the entire Qtego experience to make silent auction mobile bidding easy and fun. We minimize frustration to maximize engagement, so your supporters are happy to bid and give more. Whatever type of event you have planned, give mobile bidding a try and see what a difference Qtego can make!

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