How do you livestream a fundraiser? It depends.

For some nonprofits turning a blowout gala into a virtual event involves hiring a professional production company, bringing in major equipment, and hiring exclusive talent.

For other groups, a smartphone and a free app are enough.

Which option is right for you? Qtego can help you decide the best way to livestream a fundraiser that meets your goals and fits your theme, audience, and budget. Our events team serves organizations of all sizes and types from across the country, collecting best practices and ideas that help make any event even more of a success. We give you insights to help you put on a major production or add style to a DIY recording.

What each livestream fundraiser has in common is the need for connection, and that’s where Qtego makes any livestream better. Rather than running your livestream on one platform and your bidding on another, with Qtego your whole event is in one place.

When you livestream a fundraiser with us, we set up a QSite for your event—a one-stop web page that helps you run the show. Guests log in to one place and Qtego takes it from there. Your livestream appears at the top, and you control what shows beneath. Show your auction items and invite guests to put in bids, show your custom donation tracker in real-time as people give toward your goal, open the live chat while you showcase the entertainment, and more. Guests stay engaged and entertained throughout your livestream, so they learn more, bid more, and donate more.

Planning to livestream a fundraiser? Let Qtego help you make it a success!

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