Livestream fundraising events can be as simple or as complex as you like. Use your smart phone, hire a Hollywood-level production company, or do something in between—there are a million ways to livestream fundraising events.

So how do you choose the setup that’s right for your organization? How do you plan the event? Should you sell tickets? How will you manage the livestream, bidding, and donating remotely? Qtego can help you sort through all of the options and find the best direction for your organization, your event, and your audience.

Technology: Qtego can help you navigate the production aspects of your event and give you a fundraising platform that elevates any livestream. Our one click, one screen format puts your livestream, auction items, bidding, donating, and interactive features in one place—making it easy for guests to get involved and stay involved so they bid more, give more, and get more invested in your cause. 

Planning: Our platform also makes planning your event easier. Your Qtego dashboard keeps all of your information in one place—from ticketing to auction item inventory management to real-time statistics and totals—so you get an accurate picture of where you are and what needs to be done at any given time. 

Programming: Best of all, your Qtego team is always on hand to make sure that your livestream fundraising events run smoothly. We can help your emcee or auctioneer with real-time insights, give you tools to manage checkouts and reporting, and more.

Take your livestream fundraising events to the next level with Qtego!

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