You’ve done lots of in-person events, and you got pretty good at virtual parties. But hybrid event fundraising? How does that work? If combining in-person and virtual events feels overwhelming, Qtego can help.

Our team helps nonprofits manage the ins and outs of hybrid event fundraising with a balance of technology and timing. We work with you to identify the best way to expand your guest list, plan your program, and integrate filming in a way that maximizes the virtual experience while not hampering in-person energy.

Beyond choosing equipment and thinking through your timetable, Qtego technology goes a long way toward making hybrid event fundraising easy. From selling tickets at different tiers of pricing to integrating the livestream on your QSite to helping you manage lag time between in-person and at-home bidding, Qtego makes your job so much simpler. We even give your emcee and auctioneer a hand with real-time data and insights that help to balance the energy and timing in the room with what’s happening on the screen.

Hybrid event fundraising doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you have Qtego’s concierge event staff on board. Our event teams help you both on-site and in your virtual space, with minute-by-minute troubleshooting and detailed oversight of both angles so your event runs more smoothly, and all of your guests feel connected to the action. And after your event is done, your Qtego team quickly reconciles accounts, handles receipts, and gives you in-depth analysis you can use to strengthen your donor database and plan even better events in the future.

With Qtego, you might decide to make hybrid event fundraising a permanent part of your calendar!

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