Tired of the same old event fundraising ideas? Find creative new ideas from Qtego! Our team helps out with event fundraising of all types, all over the country. We’ve done thousands of events, so we have the inside scoop on what’s new, what’s next, and what’s trending in event fundraising nationwide.

At Qtego, we don’t just give you the leading event fundraising technology and tools to help you raise more money and engage more deeply with your guests—although we do that, too—we come alongside you and your team to make sure every aspect of your event runs more smoothly.

That includes the actual event: handling check-in, managing your live or silent auction, showing a custom-designed donation tracker on the big screen in real-time, and supporting your emcee and auctioneer. At fundraising events, our team delivers concierge service that helps event planners and staff find time to actually enjoy the event—and engage with their donors.

It also includes what happens after the event ends: streamlining checkout and reporting, helping you navigate charge backs and disputes, and giving you insights and analysis to keep improving.

But first of all, we help you plan your event: including finding the perfect theme! We’ve got the event fundraising ideas you need to decide what type of event would work best for your staff and appeal most to your donors, help you choose a theme that gets guests excited to attend, and give you tools to set up an event website, manage auction items as you collect them, sell tickets, and even start taking bids before your event begins.

If you’re looking for event fundraising ideas, we can help!

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