Qtego’s fundraising services go beyond our industry-leading technology to touch nearly every aspect of your event.

Auctions: Qtego can help you keep track of auction items as you collect them, give you a Pinterest-like feed of photos and descriptions, handle mobile bidding—in person, over livestream, or for hybrid events—and even make bidder paddles easier for auctioneers to manage.

Fund-a-need: Our fundraising services also include animated donation trackers, custom-designed to match your logo, theme, or topic, that fill in real-time as people give. Your supporters make donations through Qtego’s platform just as they bid for auction items and, for virtual events, on the same screen where they watch your livestream.

Livestream Fundraising: Qtego’s QSite puts your livestream, auction, fund-a-need, and interactive features all on one screen. Your virtual event or at-home hybrid event guests stay engaged and involved with all of the action in one place, and on one device.

Concierge Service: With Qtego, you get more than platforms and tech. You get personal, at-the-event service. Our teams help you manage check-in and checkout, handle the auction, make life easier for emcees and auctioneers, and keep the entire event running smoothly so you can enjoy the fun and connect with your donors and supporters.

Post-Event Analysis: With Qtego fundraising services, checkout is a breeze and receipts, tax tallies, chargebacks, and reconciliation couldn’t be easier. After all is said and done, our robust reporting lets you look at your data from every angle. Your Qtego team can help you analyze your results, so your next event is even better.

And so much more! Qtego fundraising services constantly evolve as we pivot to serve our nonprofit partners and the rapidly changing challenges they face. Since all of our events are customized to fit your needs and budget, Qtego gives you exactly the fundraising services you need to make your event a great success.

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