Wondering how to move from an in-person event to an online silent auction? Qtego has the tools, technology, and insights to make your pivot to online fundraising a success.

Planning: Qtego makes it easy to plan and manage your online silent auction. Our platform collects all of your information and decisions in one easy-to-use dashboard. As you collect auction item donations, use Qtego’s inventory and tracking tool to keep track of what you have, group items for greater impact, and create boutique-style item listings.

Ticketing: Our platform gives you oversight and more choice about how you offer access to your silent auction. Sell tickets to make the event more exclusive, integrate an online silent auction into a bigger virtual fundraising event, or create an online silent auction that’s easy to share and promote on social media. Qtego’s platform gives you the tools and flexibility you need to create your ideal auction.

One-click access: With Qtego, it’s easy to give people access to your event. With one link, guests can register, bid, and share individual items or your entire auction. Whether you’re doing an online silent auction as part of an event or as a stand-alone fundraiser, Qtego makes it easy to reach more people.

One-screen engagement: Once your supporters are on your auction site, the Pinterest-style feed and upscale design get them bidding. The smooth and easy experience mimics other smartphone functionality, so people are immediately comfortable with the platform, and the ability to see real-time bids and track what’s going on adds a fun, game-like element to your fundraising event. When people keep having fun, they are happy to keep bidding.

Concierge service: Your Qtego team is with you every step of the way. From brainstorming for ideas to real-time virtual support during your silent auction, every Qtego experience is hands-on, personal, and customized to your needs.

Qtego can make your online silent auction more streamlined, more fun, and more successful!

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