No matter what type of event you have planned, Qtego’s event fundraising services can help you take your event to the next level. Our concierge service and industry-leading technology make it easy to plan, manage, and enjoy any event—and to get better results.

Galas: For large, formal events, Qtego’s event fundraising services include advanced dashboards to help you manage donation items, ticketing, seating arrangements, check-in, auctions, and more. And our on-site event staff are indispensable—giving you moment-by-moment support, handling issues with a smile, and making the guest experience seamless, so you and your staff are free to enjoy the event and connect with your donors.

Golf Outings: At active, outdoor events, you’ll love Qtego’s one-page event management platform. Keep track of who checks in, offer instabuys for extras, and see how your totals are going at a glance. Guests appreciate being able to bid, donate, vote, and make purchases from their phones, without having to download an app or take time away from the game or entertainment.

Community Events: Events like concerts, barbecues, block parties, and carnivals are fun and relaxing for guests. What if they could be fun and relaxing for your staff, too? Qtego event fundraising services do just that. We streamline check-in and checkout, help you keep better track of auction items and donations, and offer flexible media screen options to get the crowd engaged and excited while making your job easier.

No matter what kind of event you have planned, Qtego event fundraising services can help.

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