Looking at outdoor fundraising events as a flexible option?

You’re not alone. More nonprofits than ever are finding out how successful outdoor events can be at capturing interest, building connection, and raising support.

Over the past few months, our team has helped organizations brainstorm and plan for some truly epic outdoor fundraising events. In fact, we got so excited about the possibilities that we put together a new guide full of theme, venue, and technology ideas for outdoor events.

As we’ve helped nonprofits of all sizes and types host outdoor events around the country, we’ve learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t, and how to plan ahead. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our top three tips for seamless outdoor fundraising events below.

Tip 1: Surprise and delight your guests

Don’t just do the same old thing for your outdoor fundraising event. Use the flexibility of an outdoor venue to choose a new theme, add new programming, or start new traditions. Outdoor events offer so many opportunities for creativity and fun!

  • Add a new twist to an event theme
  • Look for unexpected venues
  • Have more space to expand your guest list
  • Use the skills you gained from virtual and hybrid events to make an in-person, outdoor fundraising event better than ever

Tip 2: Embrace flexibility

Outdoor events do come with a little uncertainty. That’s all the more reason to make everything you can easier! Our recommendations can help you lean into the flexibility an outdoor venue offers to help streamline and enjoy your event.

  • Use pre-registration options to start off on the right foot
  • Load auction items into your Qtego listings as you get them
  • Keep Guest Management on one easy screen
  • Choose equipment—like Qtego’s—that runs without external power sources, so that lack of electrical plugs won’t slow you down

Tip 3: Use virtual fundraising options to your advantage

Many organizations find that the same tips and tools that serve them well for virtual and hybrid fundraising events help make in-person events better, too. That goes double for outdoor events!

  • Set up Qtego’s touchless, digital check in and make check out completely electronic
  • Use Qtego ticketing to offer guests more options to attend (with more open space, an outdoor venue might allow you to expand your in-person options, too)
  • Go ahead and use your QSite features—like video streaming, mobile bidding, and real-time chat—to maintain connection with your guests throughout the event
  • Encourage guests and supporters to share your auction items (and maybe a virtual ticket option) with their online networks, as many did for your virtual fundraising events

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