Many organizations focus fundraising efforts in the last quarter, planning major events to coincide with the holiday season. But in the flood of invitations and flurry of holiday tasks, traditional galas may not fully capture your audience.

Think Outside the Holiday Auction Party Box

At Qtego, we specialize in gala events of every size, but we also advise our customers to expand their view to online silent auctions and other real-life and virtual events. Providing a wider range of events maximizes your reach—particularly during a busy time of year—and deepens connections with your donors. Qtego’s unique technology helps you layer fundraising events to extend your engagement.

Accessible Online Silent Auctions

In addition to your holiday auction gala, you might offer one or more virtual events to engage donors who can’t find space in their schedules for another commitment. We’ve run successful online silent auctions for organizations of all sizes, and our proven technology, high-end design, and easy-to-use functionality make our virtual events incredibly successful. This holiday season, consider online silent auctions offering items your donors already plan to purchase.

Successful holiday auction items may include:

  • Themed Christmas trees
  • Wreaths and home decor
  • Holiday gifts for everyone on the list
  • Seasonal event tickets—especially popular or hard-to-get tickets like showings of the Nutcracker, holiday choral shows, and child-centered or holiday-themed events at area zoos and museums

This year, go beyond the gala and expand your year-end giving with virtual holiday auction events. Qtego online silent auctions use technology to reach and engage more donors than ever. Call our creative team to develop a unique plan to boost your profits and engagement during the holidays.