Your donors are bombarded by information and give requests. And information overload leads to a drop in compassion. Even the most openhearted people can get overwhelmed and lose interest. So how can your organization overcome donation fatigue and get donors re-energized? At Qtego, we help you figure out how to raise money for a charity in bold, breakthrough ways.

Make it new.

The best way to break through donation fatigue is to take a fresh approach. Don’t just do the same old thing. Switch up your events.

  • Always do a winter gala?
    • Try a summer theme night.
  • Everyone expects a golf event?
    • Add a unique helicopter ball drop.
    • Combine the golf tournament with a benefit concert.
  • Usual event already on the schedule?
    • Consider adding excitement with raffles, prize pulls, contests, and games.
    • Add high impact features like customized fund-a-need media screens.

Make it visual.

People wonder how to raise money for a charity when needs seem so overwhelming. We’ve found that one way to focus donor attention and help them stay invested rather than burnt out is to make the need visual.

  • Not sure how to build awareness?
    • Start with a poignant video that tells the story.
    • Feature photos that personalize the need.
    • Add details throughout the event that focus concern and draw donors in.
  • Wondering how to track progress?
    • Use a big screen to build excitement.
    • Make the media screen a feature throughout the night.
    • Add a customized give meter—like a heart filling up as donations come in.
    • Feature donor names as the donations come in to personalize the progress toward your goal.

Make it a game.

Rather than a steady diet of heavy needs and appeals, think about how to raise money for a charity by adding fun and lighthearted elements to your event. People love a great game, and game-ifying your event can deliver great returns.

  • Not sure how to stand out?
    • Entice guests to participate in costume events by voting for the best get-ups.
    • Build engagement with unusual contests. We’ve seen Caesar salad competitions you wouldn’t believe.
  • Want to add game elements to your usual event?

Make it easier.

When donors are burned out, the last thing you want to do is add frustration. The easier you can make your event, the more likely you are to get good donations.

  • Need to avoid registration and checkout bottlenecks?
    • Make sure guests can pre-register online.
    • Tie all of your give options—the auction, raffles, donations—into one easy checkout.
  • Want to boost interaction and profit with your auction?

Qtego can help you figure out how to raise money for a charity by overcoming donation fatigue with unique and high impact features. We’d love to help you brainstorm ways to reach your audience better to get better results.