Organizations of all types and sizes are finding that the crowdfunding phenomenon—compounding small donations across a wider pool of donors online for larger overall returns—helps them reach more donors and achieve better results.

A quick internet search turns up dozens of crowdfunding options, but to maximize your campaign’s effectiveness, consider adding features and functionality that help deepen engagement with your message and make it easier for people to donate. Qtego’s powerful crowdfunding tool takes online fundraising campaigns from ordinary to extraordinary.

Next-Level Crowdfunding

When you and your supporters share a crowdfunding link, you have one shot to capture the attention and compassion of new donors. Thanks to organic reach, when your team shares your link on social media, in newsletters, in email signatures, or via text, you can expect to reach new audiences who have never heard of your organization or connected with your mission. Don’t waste that opportunity on a nondescript webpage! Qtego’s crowdfunding tool takes your campaign further by combining one-click donation with a customized user experience.

Customized Crowdfunding Options

With Qtego’s crowdfunding tool, you’ll get a personalized donation page that captures attention and incentivizes giving.

Crowdfunding with Qtego Fundraising Services


Qtego personalizes your donation page with your logo and color palette, building your brand and promoting a cohesive user experience between the donation page and your website and social media channels.

Crowdfunding with Qtego Fundraising Services


Your page gives you space to tell your story. Cast a vision, provide an overview, and make the case for generosity. Add a photo, or embed a video to further highlight your cause.

Crowdfunding with Qtego Fundraising Services


Add a countdown to display the urgency of the need, integrate a progress bar for goal visualization or highlight participation in real time. Professional graphics add interactive elements to inspire potential donors to action. And our crowdfunding tools are responsive—so you only add the features and graphics you choose.

Crowdfunding with Qtego Fundraising Services


In online fundraising, when potential donors aren’t always aware of a social standard, providing suggested donation amounts creates a helpful benchmark. Whether the person decides to give a smaller amount, accept the suggestion, or beat the standard, the benchmark helps to direct giving and increases overall profit.


Every Qtego campaign, regardless of size or type, has access to our leading-edge dashboard technology. Get up-to-the-minute insights into your campaign’s progress through your customized dashboard. Select what you’d like to measure, monitor, and report, and our powerful, intuitive dashboard does the rest.

More Profitable Crowdfunding 

We designed our crowdfunding tool to enhance engagement and connect potential donors to your cause—leading more people to take action and give more than they would with a standard campaign. In an increasingly crowded field, your customized Qtego crowdfunding page helps you stand out and step up your profits.

Ready to reach more people with your message, and empower them to engage? Qtego can help. Set up a free consultation to find out how to leverage crowdfunding to increase your donor base and meet your fundraising goals.