If you’re planning a hybrid in-person and livestream fundraising event, you may be wondering how to balance your time—and your budget—to make it happen. For some organizations, it makes sense to combine a Hollywood-level livestream fundraising production with a blowout in-person gala. But if you’re looking for another option, we’ve got good news. Hybrid events can be easy!

What You Need for Livestream Fundraising

You can absolutely hire a professional production company to handle the livestream aspect of your hybrid event. But you can also DIY the production and still get a good result.

Basic Equipment

Smart phone (really, that’s it)

Feel overwhelmed by equipment options? There’s no need to stress. You can use other equipment if you have it, but, truly, a smart phone is all you need to run a livestream!

Basic Tech

Free Streaming Account

Free Streaming App

QSite Live Streaming

= Hybrid Livestream Fundraising Event

Several popular streaming sites offer free versions of their services and apps. Not sure how to choose or what to do first? Your Qtego team can help—and we can even add your streaming service to your QSite!

What to Include in the Livestream Fundraising Side of Your Event

If you’ve done livestream-only fundraising, you know that they’re usually shorter than in-person events. So, when you put on a hybrid event, what should you include in the livestream side? Here are some ideas to fill the time while your in-person guests are waiting, mingling, or eating.

  • Talk to the in-person guests
  • Do a backstage interview with the entertainers
  • Give a promotional tour of the auction items, with lots of camera angles and fun commentary
  • Have a Q&A with people your organization has helped
  • Use the QSite chat feature to run polls and contests, play games, and take questions while you wait for other content to begin

Pro Tip: Don’t worry if you don’t have professional production but do try to keep your device steady as you record so the folks at home don’t get seasick!

Hybrid in-person and livestream events don’t have to be time-consuming, expensive, or complicated! Qtego can help.

Get in touch with our team to get more practical ideas for planning an easy hybrid option. We’ve got everything you need to make your event a success.