Your guests already support your cause, but what if there was a way to make them more engaged, more invested, more excited, and more generous?

There is. It’s called Qtego auction technology.

Rock Your Fund-a-need Campaign and Silent Auction.

Donation amounts and frequency soar with Qtego’s silent auction and donation technology. People love the interaction of mobile bidding and the excitement of donating toward a need. Seeing results in real-time on the big screen makes fund-a-need campaigns and silent auctions more exciting and builds donor engagement.

Qtego Leads the Field.


Qtego revolutionized silent auction and silent auction donation technology when we pioneered mobile phone text bidding, and we remain on the forefront of mobile bidding and text bidding technology today. We deliver rock solid, totally dependable technology and concierge service that make each event run more smoothly—for event organizers and for guests.

We work with you from pre-registration and bidding through tallying results and collecting payments, so your silent auction, donation collection, and record keeping come together without a hitch. That’s good news for you as well as your guests. And we find that happy guests who are having fun are also more generous guests who stay committed to a cause long after an event is done. Qtego makes events stand out for exceptional guest experience and superior profitability.

You Have to See It to Believe It.

We’re confident that our auction technology will dramatically improve your silent auction, donation rates, and guest experience. See how Qtego would boost your event with a completely free, no strings attached, customized demo. We’ll learn about your organization, your donors, and your event, and then show you how Qtego can take it all to the next level.

Partner with Qtego to take your next silent auction, donation campaign, or fundraising event to the next level. Get in touch to learn more or set up your customized demo.