Consider your livestream fundraising event from your guests’ perspective. After a long day (week, month, season) of video calls, e-learning, and typing away on a laptop, it may be tempting to turn on your event and…veg out. 

But wait! Good news! Your livestream fundraising event doesn’t have to be boring!

Yes, your guests are watching your program on a screen. And yes, you are competing for their attention against many distractions. But a livestream fundraising event doesn’t have to be passive or put your guests to sleep! Instead, let’s make sure your event is fun, engaging, and successful.

Here are 10 ways to make your livestream fundraising event awesome.

  • Keep it short.

  • Set a theme.

  • Consider sending a party box.

  • Choose a high-energy host.

  • Make it interactive.

  • Include short but high-impact content.

  • Wear your heart on your sleeve.

  • Mix auctions, donations, and raffles.

  • Integrate a “pay attention” game.

  • Keep things moving.

Here’s how to get started…

1. Keep it short.

In-person fundraisers often stretch for several hours, but the most successful livestream fundraising events are shorter. While it’s less time overall to meet your fundraising goal, limiting your event helps keep guests engaged, and increases their likelihood to bid on your online auction and donate to your cause.

Qtego Livestream Virtual Fundraising Events Party in PJs

2. Set a theme.

An event theme isn’t just a good marketing tactic, it’s a great way to get guests engaged, even when your event is virtual. With a livestream fundraising event, your hosts can be dressed up, and you can use a hashtag to encourage guests to get fancy and post pictures. Your theme can even have a from-home twist, like “Party in your PJs!” Have fun with it!

3. Send a party box.

It won’t work for open events, but if you have a smaller group, why not put together a fun favor box to drop off or mail to guests before your event? Remind everyone not to open it until the event starts! Fun packaging in your event colors, theme-related goodies, party supplies, and party favors make it easy for guests to get in the spirit.

4. Choose a high-energy host.

Speaking of getting your hosts to dress up, you’ll need to find people who are enthusiastic—about your cause, and about being on camera. A livestream fundraising event MUST have a high-energy host to keep people at home from falling asleep on the sofa.

Qtego Livestream Virtual Fundraising Events Party in PJs

5. Make it interactive.

There are so many ways to keep guests participating throughout your livestream event. Have a drink or costume contest, throw out challenges, or have people vote for their favorite items or answers to trivia questions. Depending on your streaming platform, you may have access to all sorts of tools for helping guests actively participate. If you use Qtego, you can even keep an active chat going!

6. Include short but high-impact content.

Mixed in with your other programming, be sure to include high-impact content like video clips, a powerful speaker, or a cool performance. Just remember to keep it short! Attention spans for screen viewing are a lot lower than for in-person events!

7. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

People watch scary movies so they can enjoy being scared. They watch comedy shows so they can laugh. Why do you want them to watch your livestream fundraising event? So they can give generously! Don’t be afraid to make emotional appeals on your livestream. Personal testimonials and heartfelt appeals go a long way!

8. Mix auctions, donations, and raffles.

With Qtego, your livestream is built-in to your bidding site. If you’re using another platform, you’ll need to be sure that guests stay active on the bidding site even while they watch your livestream. Rather than doing all of your auction items at once and then moving on to other programming, mix up your auction items and calls for donations throughout the event. Throw in a surprise real-time raffle to mix things up even more!

9. Integrate a “pay attention game.”

Another way to keep guests engaged is by game-ifying your whole livestream fundraising event. Using a “pay attention game” like BINGO or virtual scavenger hunts keep guests tuned in. In advance, send out game cards and lists of things to spot or listen for during your event. You could include key phrases tied to your cause, or more offbeat “Easter Egg” type elements. Many people are familiar with this type of game, and most tend to get into it with gusto!

10. Keep things moving.

When it comes to your livestream fundraising event schedule, build a fast-paced timeline. Don’t spend too long on any one auction item, video, conversation, or game. Break things up, alternate giving appeals with fun activities, and keep things moving fast! When the hour is up, don’t forget to end with a toast—to your cause, to your guests, and to your success!

When you put on a livestream fundraising event, the last thing you want is to put your guests to sleep! With Qtego, you don’t have to! Our integrated fundraising platform and tools make it easy to keep guests energized so they bid more, give more, and engage more deeply with your organization. From the first brainstorming session to the final wrap-up, your Qtego team can help make your fundraising event easier, more fun, and more profitable.