Whether you’re socially distancing at your in-person gala, hosting a virtual gala, or taking a hybrid approach, now is the time to get creative with your fundraising events. Turn your challenges into opportunities with these three terrific virtual gala tips from our nonprofit partners.

1. Offer cocktail hour in a box

Some organizations offer a party box to each ticketed guest, while others offer the box as an add-on item at ticketing for their virtual gala. A party box (creatively named and decorated to fit your theme) can build excitement and draw your livestream guests into the spirit of the event.

What could you include?

  • A keepsake cheese board
  • Cheese and charcuterie from a local business
  • A small cocktail kit
  • A few festive decorations that fit your theme
  • Printed game boards or materials for contests and games you have planned
  • Any small, fun, themed or logo items to keep your organization top-of-mind after the virtual gala

Who should get the box?

  • All virtual gala attendees
  • In-person guests might get a smaller box on their place setting, if your venue limits bar space or you don’t have room for appetizer tables.
Virtual Gala Tips: Cooking Classes Qtego

2. Offer a cooking class or demo!

Do you have a chef or restauranteur on your list of donors and supporters? Why not ask him or her to share a few recipes and donate time to create a video or livestream cooking lesson for your guests? One thing we hear consistently from virtual gala attendees—and even from those who attend in-person but with social distancing in place—is how much they miss eating together at an event. With a cooking class and recipes, your guests can enjoy a meal together, even when they’re apart.

Virtual Gala Connection with Chat and Livestream Qtego

3. Build connection into your program.

Whether they are seated farther apart or watching from home, your guests need your help to create a sense of connection. A virtual gala can feature mini interviews, short contests, and fun icebreaker questions of in-person guests at the tables or video clips from livestream guests at home. Show the interactions on your livestream and on the big screen at your venue.

And don’t forget your QSite! Use Qtego’s chat feature to keep guests at home and at the venue engaged and interacting throughout your event.

A virtual gala is a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity. Whatever your setup, a virtual gala—or socially distanced party, or hybrid event—offers you the chance to reconnect with your donors, build new relationships, and deepen support for your cause. There are lots of ways to handle event fundraising in 2020, and Qtego’s custom solutions can help.