Wondering whether you can do a fund-a-need at your virtual fundraising gala? With Qtego, the answer is always yes! We give you the tools and tips you need to keep guests engaged and giving, just like they do at in-person events.

Keep your virtual fundraising gala on one screen 

QSite, Qtego’s virtual fundraising solution, keeps your livestream, auction, fund-a-need, and real-time interaction all on one screen. Your guests only need one device, and there’s no risk of dropped links or forgotten logins. Guests stay engaged and active throughout your virtual fundraising gala.

Take your fund-a-need virtual 

QSite lets you manage what guests see on their screen under the livestream. Flip to an auction item, show your animated donation tracker, or change everyone’s screen to the fund-a-need donate button.

  • Pro Tip: Cue to the livestream. Be sure the person managing the screen is listening to the livestream, not the in-person banter, so they cue changes at the right time. Every streaming service has time lags, so guests have the best experience when their screen changes to fit the livestream.

  • Customize give levels. Just like at your in-person event, Qtego makes it easy to tailor give levels for your virtual fundraising gala’s fund-a-need. Change button amounts to go down in levels, or tie amounts to tangible goals.

  • Thank big donors. Whether your guests are in-person at your venue, watching from home, or a hybrid of both options, Qtego makes it easy to see donations in real-time so you can thank people for their gifts.

  • Use an animated donation tracking meter. Just like the big screen at your in-person events, you can use a donation tracking meter on your livestream. Qtego offers several design options – or choose a custom tracker to fit your organization’s colors and theme!

  • Incorporate pre-given donations. With Qtego, it’s simple to add in pre-given donations during your fund-a-need. Totals change on your donation meter in real time, so guests stay motivated to help you reach your goal.

  • Motivate giving with a “last person standing” challenge. Instead of taking the last donation by a hand raise, we use the time stamp to see the last donation that was made.

Have questions about your fund-a-need or how to coordinate your virtual fundraising gala in general? We’re always happy to help.