When you’re up on stage as an emcee, auctioneer, or event manager, you have a lot to keep in mind. Sticking to the program, reading the room, watching bids, and keeping up entertaining banter to engage the guests is a lot to do at once! The pivot to virtual fundraising events makes this juggling act even more impressive. Based on what we heard from you, Qtego developed new tools to help you keep the show rocking and rolling whether the guests are at the venue, at home on the couch, or some of both.

Emcee Screen gives you
confidence at a glance.

With Qtego’s Emcee Screen, whoever is on stage gets a behind-the-scenes view of an auction, Instabuy, fund-a-need, or Grand Total in real-time. Separate from the guest’s QSite screen—the one-device solution where guests watch the livestream, bidding, donating, and interaction happen—your Emcee Screen gives you a minute-by-minute view that helps you manage the auctions and donations from the stage of your in-person, hybrid, or virtual fundraising events.

  • See auction bids in real time — whether the bidder is in the room or watching the livestream.
  • Glance over the entire bid history for an item to catch opportunities to call out bidders or amp up competition.

  • Thank high donors by name, especially if the organization chooses not to display names on the automated donation tracker.

  • Set the countdown timer on auction items, so you know when to call for final bids.

Remember time latency in streaming and give virtual guests an extra 10-15 seconds!

The Emcee Screen stays with you on stage at an in-person or hybrid event, or as you’re in front of the camera for virtual fundraising events. It acts as your confidence monitor, helping you keep the energy up and banter with bidders and donors just as you would with an in-person event.

  • See in-person and at-home bids in one place at hybrid virtual fundraising events. It even works with bidder paddles!

  • Catch last second bids on your Emcee Screen immediately, regardless of the source, as Qtego captures remote bidding, paddle raises, and mobile entries in one spot for you.

  • Do your thing on stage with peace of mind when you have the Emcee Screen filling you in about what’s going on, even in multiple locations with a variety of bidding or donation methods.

Making the switch to virtual fundraising events presents a challenge, but Qtego has tools to help make your job easier, and free you up to do what you do best!

Have questions about the Emcee Screen or virtual fundraising events in general? We’re always happy to help.