If you’re used to an in-person fundraising gala, you might be surprised to learn that throwing a virtual gala can bring you even BETTER results.

How to Raise More Money with a
Virtual Fundraising Event

  • Reach more people
  • Use virtual ticketing

  • Keep everything on one screen

  • Practice your livestream

  • Follow up

A virtual gala helps you reach more people.

One of our nonprofit partners, a foundation led by a college football coach, puts on a big formal gala every year. The foundation usually registers just under 500 people and pulls in close to $1million from the annual event.

This year, they decided to do an entirely virtual fundraising event. Because the event wasn’t tied to a venue in a specific location, out-of-town supporters could also attend. Surprisingly, the non-profit MORE THAN DOUBLED their usual reach—increasing their donor base significantly.

A virtual gala never sells out.

The coach’s nonprofit used Qtego’s virtual ticketing to sell tickets for their livestream event, which kept the event exclusive and also provided an additional revenue stream. Although the organization decided to sell the virtual event tickets for less than their usual in-person ticket price, the increased number of attendees and the savings on venue and catering costs more than offset the difference.

Qtego’s virtual ticketing makes it easy for guests. After buying a ticket, the guest receives a unique access link. With one click, the guest gets access to your virtual fundraising event, and you get insight into who is watching your livestream so you can follow up later. Best of all, with a virtual gala, you never sell out!

A virtual gala can be fun to watch. 

With a virtual gala, your options for dress code, programming, and activities are only limited by your imagination! Nonprofits are coming up with terrific virtual gala themes and unique twists on auctions, games, and entertainment.

The most important factor in keeping your virtual gala guests engaged is making it easy for them to watch and participate. With Qtego, your livestream, auction, donations, activities, and interactions are all embedded on the same page – and you control what appears at the top. Guests have a seamless experience and stay with you throughout the event.

The coach’s virtual fundraising event actually went on for three hours—and nearly 1,000 people watched the entire thing!

A virtual fundraising event livestream takes practice—but it’s fun!

Polished, practiced programming also keeps guests engaged. The football coach nonprofit used a mix of pre-recorded performances and engaging real-time activity to keep people glued to their screens. Whether you have big-name performers or a limited staff, plan on doing several run-throughs of your planned livestream so it’s easy and fun to keep things moving during your virtual gala.

Qtego helps you follow-up with donors after your event. You’ll get detailed post-event reporting, and you can customize the data to deepen your understanding and learn more from how guests interacted with your virtual fundraising event. Our broadcast messaging also makes it easy to thank guests and reach out—even months or years after the event is over.

Qtego makes your virtual fundraising look and feel more sophisticated—while keeping it easy for you and your guests to connect. As you plan your virtual gala, we’d love to help you find ways to raise more money and reach more people. Get a custom solution that fits your event, budget, and goals.