Qtego’s silent auction software and mobile bidding platform combine the latest technology with customer-driven functionality to make your fundraising event terrific—and more profitable.

Customers love Qtego because, unlike a bidding app, our mobile bidding page is reliable, easy to use, and accessible from any internet-enabled device. But when we asked our repeat customers what keeps them coming back to Qtego event after event, here is what we heard:

“You can’t beat Qtego’s service.”

Qtego supports your event from pre-event planning to post-party analysis. We keep your mobile bidding pages running smoothly, free up your staff to enjoy the silent auction event and cultivate your donors, and give you actionable data [link to data analysis post] you can use to make future events and donor interactions even better. Our staff understands the fundraising world, and we back up our mobile bidding technology with insight, assistance, and ready smiles.

“It’s like this mobile bidding technology was designed just for us.”

Qtego was first to market with mobile bidding technology, and we’ve never stopped innovating. But we’re not just adding bells and whistles for the splash factor. We take the time to listen to feedback from our customers, then use that information to build and advance our products and services to meet real needs and goals.

At Qtego, we’re never done improving, and we’re always looking for ways to deepen donor engagement and create better silent auction events. Your input led to features like:

We continue to add more functionality designed to get you great results event after event.

“Once the silent auction is over, the magic keeps happening.”

After boosting profits with our easy-to-use mobile bidding, our silent auction software kicks into high gear to give you flexible data analysis [link to data analysis post] you can use to take donor engagement and fundraising to an even higher level.

“I still can’t believe there were NO checkout lines!”

Qtego eliminates bottlenecks with fast, secure checkout. The guest checks out through the mobile bidding site, and we text back a receipt instantaneously. No flipping through clipboards, complicated procedures, or headaches. At every event, guests stop to thank us for our quick checkout feature. If you want to leave a great last impression, fast checkout does just that!

“We got a completely customized service package—exactly what we needed.”

You won’t find canned, off-the-shelf products at Qtego. We deliver completely customized experiences. Our team learns about your organization, your event, and your goals, and we create a unique package with all of the features that make sense for you. Different events require different things—you may need us to help you staff one event but not another, or add a feature like Instabuy to a wine pull and a custom media screen at a gala. You’ll get a tailored package that meets your needs and your budget while delivering on your goals.

We could go on, because once our customers start talking about how they love Qtego, the conversation can last a while! But how about we show you what we’re talking about with a quick demo? If you have five minutes, we can give you a great idea of how Qtego’s mobile bidding platform can revolutionize your silent auction and other fundraising events. Give us a call or set up a demo today!