People often refer to Qtego as a bidding app. But Qtego isn’t an app—it’s better. Here are a few reasons why:

Qtego is easier than a bidding app.

Our advanced, streamlined process uses a website and texting rather than an app because we’ve found that donors are sometimes resistant to adding another app to their smartphones. Guests don’t want to take up more memory on their phones, don’t want to spend the time searching for the app and downloading it, and don’t like the added layer of interface. In fact, by removing the minor irritation of having to take an intermediate step to download an app, we find that guests are happier, and more likely to give or participate in auctions.

Qtego is more visible than a bidding app.

Another downside to a bidding app is placement. Smartphones download new apps to the back page of a user’s phone. For most smartphone users, this means that the app will not be on their home screen. You’d be amazed how much the inconvenience of swiping screens to get to an app decreases donor involvement. And many donors use phones for work that limit the apps they can download. That’s why Qtego includes a customized, web-based interface. All smartphones have an internet browser and texting interface on the front screen—making it quicker, easier, and more intuitive to interact with the auction or campaign.

Qtego goes beyond bidding app technology.

Qtego’s framework goes beyond bidding app limitations—giving you more versatility to hold a variety of events and run multiple virtual campaigns simultaneously without costly reprogramming.

And Qtego’s rock-solid technology works no matter what type of device your donors use—versus a bidding app, which requires costly programming for both Apple and Android devices. Unlike an app, Qtego’s interface is not dependent on phone type, carrier, or operating system, so the user experience is fluid and glitch-free. Our platform delivers better technology that saves you time and development costs while making your guests happier and more likely to participate in your event.

Still not sure? Let’s talk. We’d love to show you a quick demo and let you know how working with Qtego can help take your profits to the next level.