If you’ve used Qtego’s easy, reliable auction software, you know that we get results. Our customers have happier guests, more relaxed staff, and significantly higher profits than with other auction methods.

But believe it or not, things get even better with Qtego data analysis.

Qtego Auction Software = Data Powerhouse

No matter what type of auction framework you use, you collect a lot of information. But what do you do with all of those pieces of data? Qtego’s ground-breaking auction software gives you the tools to understand your information and take concrete action to keep improving your process and profits. 

Flexible Reporting = Truly Interactive Data Analysis

Qtego auction software offers more than canned reports and static PDFs. With Qtego, you can:

  • See your data in real-time leading up to, during, and after your event.
  • Export information to your own format or documentation.
  • Manipulate data to spot trends, see information in combination, and get deeper insights.

Actionable Information = Better Results

Our auction software helps you find and use information to improve your future results. For example:

  • Track bidding activity to identify which types of items to keep, solicit more of, or package differently next time.
  • Compare guest activity in multiple categories (silent auctions, voting, Instabuy, and more) to find out when different types of activities get the best results.
  • Identify which types of activity get guests most involved.

If you’re not using data analysis with your Qtego auction software, you’re missing a great opportunity. Call our friendly team to find out how you can use your information to take action and improve results for all of your future events.