Golf charity events are terrific summer fundraisers. The warm weather, sunshine, and sport put your guests in great moods, and Qtego can help make things even more fun, exciting, and profitable.

Try a Par 3 Contest.

Qtego makes it easy to spice up your golf event and boost results. One simple way to raise more money at your golf charity event is to add a par 3 contest. Use Qtego’s popular Instabuy feature to sell chances to win a prize for making par 3 on a given hole (or all of them!) and see how quickly donations pour in. Guests love the challenge of making the shot, and great prizes make everyone more competitive and eager to win.

Use Instabuy to Sell Mulligans.

Another way to use Qtego’s Instabuy feature at your golf charity event is to sell mulligans. Offer guests the chance to buy mulligans in advance or at check-in, limit them to certain holes, or combine them with a particular donation goal. Our team can help you come up with creative ways to get your guests excited to attend your event and challenge them to give more.

Wow Guests with an Epic Ball Drop.

We’ve seen some fantastic ball drop contests over the years. Guests buy balls, sign their names on each one, and, after the drop, the closest ball to the hole wins a prize. The excitement comes in from the way you drop the balls. Get creative! One of our customers rented a helicopter for the drop! Tie your drop to a theme or aspect of your cause, or just ramp it up to make the crowd go wild. As always, you can call on your Qtego team to help you dream up a unique and memorable ball drop.

Get Even More Golf Charity Event Ideas From Qtego.

Looking for more ideas? Our team specializes in creative events. With so many years in the business, we’ve seen a lot of golf events—and we know what works. Let’s talk about ways to make your golf event more fun and profitable than ever before.