Relaxed summer schedules and warmer weather offer great opportunities for fun and profitable fundraisers and charity events. If you’ve wondered how to raise money for a cause during the summer months, Qtego can help. We’ve partnered with organizations of all types and sizes to streamline summer fundraisers and boost profits.

How to Raise Money for a Cause… in Your Neighborhood.

Summer makes neighborhood gatherings like barbecues, fireworks shows, and pool parties a blast. When people ask us how to raise money for a cause, we often advise them to work with events that are already happening in their neighborhoods. If your area holds an annual event in the summer, you can use that to build awareness for a cause and give your neighbors a chance to help others while having a great time at the event. Qtego isn’t only for galas! Our experienced team can help you use Qtego to make an event of any size or type easier and more profitable.

How to Raise Money for a Cause… with Outdoor Events.

There’s something magical about outdoor events. Summer weather makes everything more fun and relaxed. And our experience shows that happier guests tend to give more. Qtego can help you make your outdoor event an even greater success. Streamline check-in and check-out; keep better track of auction items and donations; and use our flexible big screen options to amp up the crowd and make your life easier as an event host or coordinator. Call us to help you put together a custom Qtego package to meet your summer fundraising needs.

How to Raise Money for a Cause… with Golf Tournaments.

Nothing says summer like a great game of golf. A Qtego golf event combines the best of the game with the added excitement and satisfaction of raising money for a cause. We’ve done so many fun and profitable golf events over the years—and our team members are pros at coming up with creative custom packages that make golf events more fun and bring in better profits. You could use Instabuys to sell mulligans, do epic ball drop stunts to match donations, and easily combine extra challenges like Par 3 contests—all in one event, and for one low price.