At Qtego, we see hundreds of silent auction ideas ranging from simple to extravagant every year. If you’re looking to bring some excitement and buzz to your next fundraiser, we’ve got the creative tips you need. 

Silent Auction Ideas

As part of a gala event or a stand-alone fundraiser, try a unique silent auction. Ideas for creative auction items and frameworks can be simple or complex, but the best ones capture guest attention and inspire donors to give generously.

Get Silent Auction Donations

Start early in the year, when businesses have new budgets and haven’t already given. Ask guests and board members if they would be willing to offer their home, yacht, sporting event suite, or other facility for an event or prize.

Consider Silent Auction Packages

Make more impact with packaged prizes. For example, an adventure package might include a hot air balloon ride, gourmet picnic basket, and GoPro camera. A backyard package might come with a Big Green Egg Grill, wheelbarrow filled with local plants, and a patio set. Larger groupings look better in a visual display, generate more excitement, and inspire more and higher bidding than individual items.

Try Unique Silent Auction Items

Tie unusual items to your event theme, or grab attention with funny and quirky auction items like an assortment of 99 bottles of beer, pranks like putting a flock of plastic flamingos in a friend’s yard, or getting a portrait painted live during an event.

Qtego’s friendly team is full of silent auction ideas. Need help taking your event to the next level? Give us a call. Qtego can make your silent auctions more fun and more profitable.