Mobile bidding. You’ve heard the stories, read the news, and maybe even seen it work in person. Mobile bidding seems cool, and you think your donors would enjoy it, but the real question boils down to this: does mobile auction technology pay for itself?

With Qtego, the answer is not just “yes.” It’s (ahem) HECK yes. Here’s why.

Mobile bidding is more fun.

Paper bidding is a little bit of a drag, even when you’re at a great event for a cause you care deeply about. But sending texts and watching high-impact visuals update in real-time, all without leaving your table or missing the entertainment? That’s a whole different story. Qtego’s auction technology draws people in, builds excitement, and keeps donors active throughout the event with an intuitive, fun platform .

Mobile bidding is more exciting and engaging.

With Qtego’s technology, your guests get to be part of the action and see the results in real-time. Outbid? You get a text and incentive to bid again. Donate to the fund-a-need campaign? Look, there’s your name on the big screen as the meter inches up. Online auctions are exciting because they keep people involved minute-by-minute, all while being present at an event and sharing successes and progress with the guests around them.

Mobile bidding is more inspiring.

Because your guests are more involved and excited about the event, you’ll find they become more inspired by and connected to your cause. There’s something about seeing that fund-a-need meter fill up, taking personal action to contribute, and sharing that activity with others that gets donors more invested. And inspired, invested guests are more generous with their giving and more likely to stay connected to your organization long after the event is over.

Mobile bidding delivers results. Find out how Qtego’s service, streamlined process, and high-impact technology will make your guests happier, more generous, and more engaged with your cause long-term. Contact us today to learn more about how mobile bidding and auction technology can serve your organization.